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The 10 Most Iconic Tagalized Moments In Anime History

Remember when Toguro got jacked up and turned into a disfigured weightlifter?
by John Paulo Aguilera | Dec 22, 2016
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Before Naruto began his quest to become Hokage, Luffy set sail to find the One Piece, and Ichigo discovered his Shinigami powers, the typical Filipino afternoon was loaded with anime's cream of the crop.

Grade school was more unbearable with the TV waiting to be turned on to Ghost Fighter, Dragon Ball Z, and Slam Dunk, among others. These animated pleasures molded part of our childhood, and certain episodes left a lasting mark on our collective juvenile consciousness.

Did your favorite scene make our legendary list?

10) Truly traumatic

Dog of Flanders

Kicking off this countdown is the depressing denouement of this 1975 Japanese animation. Combine the endings of Hachiko Monogatari and Grave of the Fireflies and what you'll get is the outcome of this seminal drama, which has been adapted several times by other artists.

9) Recca the Dragon Summoner

Flame of Recca

You were the surefire talk of the town if you memorized all the names of every flame entity, more so with matching hand gestures. While it would be cool to have Kurei's ability to draw out Kurenai, nothing could compare to Recca's draconic squad.

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8) One-time big-time

Detective Conan

Who didn't freak out when Conan reverted into Shinichi during one episode after drinking alcohol? Like her childhood sweetheart Ran's, our hopes and dreams were crushed when he turned back into his diminutive form by the end of the day.

7) Child's play

Hunter x Hunter

There was something strange about Killua when Gon first met him in the first phase of the Hunter Exam. To everyone's surprise, the heir of the Zoldyck family reveals his assassin self to the group upon finding themselves in dire straits.

6) Goodbye, Butterfree!


More emotional than the time Ash protected an injured Pikachu, no episode hit us right in the feels more than the one where he bid farewell to his Bug Pokémon. How releasing one of his first catches felt was akin to losing a beloved pet.

5) Our kind of transformation

Sailor Moon

Back in the day, Usagi Tsukino and her pals turning into Sailor Soldiers using a magical brooch was our only concept of sexy. Watching Sailor Moon didn't reduce our masculinity; the shapely silhouettes were enough to awaken the man in us.

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4) Bed scene out of nowhere

Fushigi Yuugi

The action-slash-reverse harem series proved to be way ahead of its time after showing a particular love scene between Miaka and Tamahome. Both young viewers and their parents were caught off guard by what was supposed to be an innocent afternoon anime viewing sesh.

3) 'Isang daang porsyento!'

Ghost Fighter

Toguro taught us that giving your all isn't always the way to go, especially when you turn into an ugly and disfigured weightlifter in the process. We seriously thought that this was the end of Eugene, though; those finger bullets looked painful.

2) Goku vs Frieza

Dragon Ball Z

The fact that this saga was basically a series of memorable moments—Spirit Bombs and Super Saiyan transformations—easily lands it a high spot in this unforgettable list. Cell and Majin Buu were far more formidable opponents, but it was the space demon that struck genuine fear into our young hearts.

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1) The Shot

Slam Dunk

And no, we aren't talking about Michael Jordan's clutch basket—this one's far more storied. Kiminobu "Boy Labo" Kogure's shot is forever etched into every Pinoy anime fan's memory. Beat that, Stephen Curry.


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