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5 Burning Questions We Want Answered On 'Attack On Titan' Season 3

We finally have a release date!
by Andrei Medina | Oct 30, 2017
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After months of waiting, we finally get a much-needed update for the third season of Attack on Titan (AOT).

The good news is, AOT announced that Season 3 will premiere in July 2018 and so far, there doesn’t seem to be any delays looming over the horizon. The bad news: We’ll have to wait over half a year but at least that includes the holidays so the first few months of waiting won’t really be too difficult to deal with.

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To refresh your memory (major spoilers ahead!), Season 2 ended in classic AOT fashion with numerous deaths and a random titan getting a chomp at Commander Erwin’s arm in an epic battle scene.

Season 2 also offered tons of answers for some of the questions that arose from the previous season. It did sort of establish an answer to one of the key mysteries regarding the origin of titans. However, it actually spawned more mysteries that left fans hanging.

Below are some burning questions we can’t wait to get answered during the upcoming season of AOT:

1) Just who is the Ape Titan?

At the start of season 2, the Ape Titan was immediately introduced by killing off Mike Zacharias who’s supposedly humanity’s second strongest soldier next to Captain Levi. Everyone was shocked with how the Ape Titan showed the ability to talk. It has since been causing trouble for our ragtag band of heroes from the Scout Regiment. Just who is behind this enigmatic force and what exactly is his motive?

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2) What is Eren’s new power?

An enraged Eren who saw the titan responsible for his mother’s death triggered him to awaken a new power that apparently allowed him to command titans to do his bidding. At this point, Reiner referred to him as a “Coordinator.” We really want to know how this ability works and more importantly, how did Eren get it?


3) Where is Reiner and Bertholdt’s home?

It’s been established during their titan transformation reveal that they were not originally from within the Walls and were actually sent there to infiltrate the inner cities so they could kill everyone. This obviously means there are other communities outside the Wall (the sea is suspect) but why would another community of humans want thousands killed if everyone is struggling for survival in a time when titans reign supreme?

4) How vital is Krista to the whole plot?

After widely being considered by the fan base as nothing but a pretty face who will eventually get devoured by titans, the kind-hearted Krista Lenz was revealed to be Historia Reiss, one of the last surviving members of a royal bloodline. She’s been kidnapped a handful of times during the season and various groups within the Walls want her dead. We’re not really sure why but if anything, these underscore her importance and it’s probably safe to say that she has a major role in AOT’s developing story.

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5) Are there any other Titan shifters in the Scout Regiment?

Season 2 gave us the bomb with the multiple titan shifter shock reveals during this season. The caring big brother figure, Reiner turned out to be the Armored Titan that took down the wall gates years ago while Bertholdt was actually the Colossal Titan that towered over the wall and caused chaos within the walls. Ymir, on the other hand was a 5-meter class titan who used agility to her advantage. Just who else is hiding a titan transformation?


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