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5 Reasons why TV5's "Sapul" is Sapul!

<p>5:30 AM has never been so tempting</p>
| May 13, 2010
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One news and public affairs program going out of the mainstream, captivating viewers to catch an unusual daybreak dose of news from the most unorthodox pack of newscasters you can trust.
Sapul is TV5’s early morning show and from the looks of it, it's the alternative to the usual daybreak fare.

Because, it’s not just about the news, it’s also about the people who deliver them to you first thing in the morning.

Think of it as a wicked fusion between The View and 60 Minutes, with its hosts nothing short of fresh and spectacular. Such an appropriate title the show has thought of, since Sapul is slowly attracting viewers in a mere matter of weeks.

Staying true to the show’s unconventional concept, here are 5 unconventional reasons why Sapul could very well be the next big thing in our daily sunrise habit.

Reason #1: There’s a Tulfo brother in the program!
Erwin Tulfo, Raffy and Mon’s bro, returns to mainstream television. His delirious on-air antics are a heck of a sight we cannot wait to see.

To be quite frank, it’s somewhat unfathomable how one Tulfo, as rough and tough as they appear to be, could co-exist with a no-nonsense co-anchor in the form of Lourd De Veyra. But then again, maybe that’s how they got along in the first place.

Reason #2: Shawn Yao is someone we'd like to see more of!
The only rose among the thorns, co-anchor Shawn Yao perks up our mornings with her chinita eyes and pretty girl smile. Her presence alone is a fresh feeling for viewers who are looking to be greeted by a pretty woman early in the morning.

Next: More of Shawn! And then Martin and Lourd!

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