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6 Ways to Succeed in a World Inhabited by The Walking Dead

When zombies rule the world, the world will abide by new rules...
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 26, 2012
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Those George Romero movies, Facebook zombie quizzes, the infamous Zombie Survival Guide book, a house that’s zombie-proof, and countless articles published worldwide: These are only few of the many things preparing and teaching us for the creepy dawning of a zombie apocalypse. But nothing can be more educational than how the cast of The Walking Dead has been showing us how to survive zombie-land for three seasons.

Season 3 is halfway done, and every gory moment in the past is multiplied by a hundred. Originally a series of comics by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore, AMC’s The Walking Dead tells the story of Rick Grimes; a wounded Sheriff who, after spending months in a coma, wakes up to the perplexing and terrifying world seized by “walkers.” In search and discovery of his family, he meets and leads a group of individuals trying to survive the chilling reality with little resources and survival skills.

If anything, aside from being entertaining, the characters of The Walking Dead teach us how to make it in a world where splattered brains and decapitated bodies are as normal as candy wrappers on the street. With their personalities, they show us how to build lives designed to minimize the bite ratio from “most likely” to “no chance at all.”

Don’t mind what others are saying about the “impossibility” of an apocalypse to happen, for it always pays off to be prepared. So here’s how you can keep breathing in a zombie-ransacked world as shown to us by the survivors in the show. You're guide to fitting in the "possible" new world order is below:

1. Be an assertive, considerate leader
For this we turn to the qualities of the show's main protagonist, Rick Grimes. Emulate his dedication to live as a father, fighter, survivor, and his group's leader despite how the world has become. He is also a great shot, and can kill any zombie with his eyes closed.  

How you can be like him: Practice shooting cans, or at foreheads of dummies. Be used to being “the first one in” and show to your group why you deserve their respect. Look out for your people and view setbacks (like a missing child, or your wife being annoying and unfaithful as hell) as challenges. Most of all, look good in a bloody, tattered cop uniform.

Main defense asset: Out-of-this-world accuracy with guns, optimism, and smart decision-making

                  You can also raise your eyebrow a little every time you point a gun to score extra cool points

2. Be a nerd, a spunky nerd
Take it from young Glenn, who is ingenious in scavenging and performing resourceful solutions for the group. He is geographically apt, and can be a great help in combating zombies because he looks like he’s been spending an awful lot of time in front of a computer.

How you can be like him: Practice your resourcefulness in video games (Left4Dead recommended), study maps and blueprints so you can go in and out of towns or buildings where there are likely less walkers craving for your warm flesh.

Main defense asset: Knowing when to follow and take initiative, being a brainiac

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