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7 Anime Characters Who Are Always Hungry AF

by Andrei Medina | Sep 18, 2017
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We all like to eat food. Some prefer pizza, a handful go for ramen while others opt for various kinds of meat. The list goes on and for some folks, it’s easy to say that food is life.

Just like you, there are also some anime characters who love eating as much as you do. The difference? Well, they don’t really get fat despite consuming truckloads of your favorite dishes.

Since we can only pig out every once in a while, here’s a list of some anime characters known to have insatiable appetites that we’re going to draw inspiration from when the Christmas season comes.

CC (Code Geass)

Don't let her petite frame fool you. Despite her small size, CC's actually quite the big eater especially when it comes to her favorite food, which happens to be pizza. She just can't seem to get enough of that gooey stuff and turns into a total child while gobbling down that cheesy pie—crust and all. CC might be a girl and all but she can easily finish a whole box in one sitting.

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Naruto (Naruto)

Everyone who's watched this series knows that Naruto is a sucker for Ichiraku's rave-worthy ramen. Whenever he's in town, he makes sure to drop by the ramen shop to stuff his face full with the delectable dish. It's a shame though that he gets topped by somebody else during a ramen-eating contest. Well, at least we now know that Naruto and his future wife both enjoy some good ol' ramen-slurping action.

Sasha Braus (Attack on Titan)

This girl hands down beats the human-devouring titans when it comes to her weird food cravings. Sasha just can't help herself from munching on hot and steamy potatoes whenever she sees the calorie-packed food lying around. So it really comes as no surprise when she was nicknamed the 'Potato Girl' by her colleagues in the cadet squad.

Gluttony (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Like his name suggests, Gluttony pretty much embodies one of the seven deadly sins that cover the act of overindulgence. He literally eats everything from wood, metal and even humans, while making sure there are no leftovers. Gluttony's scenes either show him randomly expressing his desire to eat or actually eating what he just mentioned craving for.

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Toriko (Toriko)

It's an anime about food so the protagonist actually has a legit reason to be eating almost all the time. The thing is, Toriko's so-called Gourmet Cells evolve whenever he eats good food prepared with exotic ingredients. This process allows him to learn better combat skills which makes him a stronger fighter in the dog-eat-dog Gourmet World.

Son Goku (Dragon Ball)

He's a Saiyan, is the Earth's mightiest hero, and is also probably the planet's biggest eater. Through the years, Goku has been consistent when it comes to his love for food and fighting. No wonder that he grew to be the buff dude we now know thanks to his extreme eating habits.

Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)

If you make Luffy choose between meat and any other thing in the world, chances are he'll choose the chow. The Strawhat Pirates Captain just couldn't control his carnivorous tendencies when it comes to consuming food. It's a good thing his devil fruit powers prevent him becoming obese with the amount of feasting he does.

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'Alabasta Arc'

Leave some for the princess, Luffy!


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