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7 Intense Anime Power-Ups We Wish We Could Do

Like say, turn into a Super Saiyan
by Andrei Medina | Apr 30, 2017
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Every anime hero needs a power-up. Whenever they’re in a pinch, they can always rely on that trusty transformation to help them beat their toughest opponents.

Some of the best moments in anime happen when these secret powers are unleashed, giving the protagonist an edge over the adversary. Below are some of the most epic power-ups in anime history.

Just a quick warning though, heavy spoilers ahead.

1) Bankai (Bleach)

The thing that makes the Bankai so interesting is you get a wide assortment of power-ups the more characters you have. And we all know that Bleach certainly isn’t an anime that's lacking in this department.

So whether it’s super speed, summoning a giant samurai or conjuring thousands of blades to cut your foes down, there’s surely a Bankai that will fit your taste.

2) Kyuubi mode (Naruto)

Cursed since birth, Uzumaki Naruto has been living with the spirit of the nine-tailed demon fox sealed inside him. Naruto involuntarily calls on the power of the Kyuubi during uncontrollable fits of rage.

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Who would’ve thought that Konoha village’s ninja failure would master this technique and improve this further to the Godlike Bijuu mode:

3) Luffy’s Gears (One Piece)

As the man who aims to one day become the Pirate King, Monkey D. Luffy definitely needs a lot of strength to defeat his enemies. Aside from his Gomu Gomu no Mi devil fruit that gives him a rubber body, the Strawhat Pirates Captain has his all-around gears power-up to aid him in his adventures in the Grand Line and the New World.

Gear 2nd:

Gear 3rd:

Gear 4th:


4) Titan transformation (Attack on Titan)

We can all probably agree that Attack on Titan is a bloody and violent anime series with gory character deaths. But nothing spells rage better than when Eren Yeager does a titan transformation. He gets angry, transforms, then roars and everything in his way just gets pulverized.

5) Kirito Dual Wield mode (Sword Art Online)

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In a do or die world where one-hand sword wielding is the norm, Sword Art Online beta tester Kirito Kirigaya developed a unique dual-wielding skill so that he won’t ever have to experience losing any more of his loved ones.

6) Mazoku mode (Ghost Fighter)

You know a power-up is going to be epic when the main protagonist actually has to die to actually achieve a new mode.

And that is just what Yusuke Urameshi (Eugene) did when he got his ass whooped by ex-spirit detective Sensui. During his demon transformation, Yusuke’s father Raizen took over his body and beat the living hell out of Sensui.

Here’s a bonus with Toguro’s famous 100 percent power-up:

7) Super Saiyan (Dragon Ball Z)

Son Goku going super saiyan is arguably one of the most iconic scenes in anime history. The epic transformation just gave all of us the chills during our childhood and made us want to have spiky blonde hair and an electrifying aura to match.

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And now, there’s a new transformation called super saiyan blue. It’s also funny how Frieza once again becomes the receiving end of this power-up.


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