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7 Local TV Shows to Watch Now!

<p>Local telly is looking mighty good!</p>
by Lou E. Albano | Apr 7, 2011
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So Willie struck again. The lot of us groan in disgust and in rage. The lot of us proclaim local TV to be a complete waste of time, as we torrent our favorite foreign series or watch yet another rerun of Americal Idol.

But the truth is local television is actually on a high. Tired telenovelas and Willie’s antics aside, there are a truckload of shows worthy of your precious time. With TV5’s entrance to the TVscape, local television is now forced out of complacency. Hence, better programming, shows that are more entertaining, programs with premises that would not even considered before.

Here are 7 local shows you have to, at the very least, try to watch, starting with...

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1. Face to Face, TV5

From gay infidelity to tortang talong, Face to Face tackles a buffet of topics. Categorized as part-reality show, part-public service, it is in crazy tabloid format.  Two opposing parties deliver their plot that usually end up simmering with exchange of bashing words until they (more often than not) literally bash on each other.  Moderating the show is Amy Perez who is, whether you agree or not, the Pinoy counterpart of the King of Trash Talk Jerry Springer.

2. The Smiths, GMA News Channel


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