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7 Pinoy YouTube Channels Every Man Will Enjoy

When it comes to travel, gaming, and entertainment, these content creators deliver
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jul 13, 2017
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The internet has given people an avenue to express themselves freely, especially the shy types who aren't comfortable with talking to others face to face.

All you need is a webcam, strong insights, and you're good to go. Aside from being a hub for irresistible cat videos, YouTube has become a hotbed for vloggers.

Through the years, the world has experienced a boom in content creators, including here in the Philippines. Now, being a local YouTuber is a decent livelihood that doubles as a creative endeavor.

There are a handful of Pinoys who have made a name in the vlogging community, which might make it difficult to find a channel that caters to your needs. Don't worry, we did all the searching for you, and these seven content creators are are currently producing material that you should be devouring. 

If you want to piss your pants in fear while staring at an attractive woman

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Bea Bee

Subscribers: 4,635

Don't be fooled by that number, because the best Bea Benedicto is scared Bea Benedicto. The September 2016 FHM Pulse babe is known for her cutesy exploits online, but for a while, she was busy scaring herself on YouTube with horror webtoons and video games. We would be terrified, too, if not for the sight of Bea B.

If you're looking for a mighty morphin' good time

Chris Cantada Force

Subscribers: 248,222

This is the country's sentai authority saving the world, one Power Rangers-themed sketch at a time. Chris has built a huge following in his three years as a YouTuber by mixing nerdiness with good-natured fun. Aside from scoring interviews with the actors of the superhero franchise, the former Spongecola drummer also shares insights about toys, TV shows, and his costumes.

If you're looking for quick tearjerkers from promising filmmakers


Subscribers: 105,009

You know something is wrong with the local film industry when a poorly made movie has nine sequels and high-quality content like the ones on YouTube get little love. Pau Sepagan, aka Roger Raker, might come off as your typical emo teen (just look at that hairdo), but at least he's able to translate his romantic angst into festival-ready short films.


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If you're looking for legit-looking Korean drama parodies


Subscribers: 56,212

Browsing through Emman's YouTube channel is like watching him grow up. He tried out social commentary when he was younger. He also ventured into more whimsical shorts during adolescence. But popularity came in the form of K-drama Goblin parodies, which raked in millions of views on Facebook. 

If you're looking for your next travel destination

Wil Dasovich

Wil has been wandering around Asia for the past couple of years. His daily vlog covers the different aspects of travel—from food and activities, to partying and even women. His sister Haley, who frequently appears in his videos, is also quite the entertainer.

If you're looking for wit-fueled gameplay walkthroughs


Subscribers: 231,713

Gian Lois Concepcion, or GLOCO for short, delivers the zaniest reactions to new and classic games. It's fun, if you're into watching other people play videogames from the comfort of your couch. 

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If you're looking for crazy yet sensible content

Cong TV

Subscribers: 257,238

Twenty percent of his videos might be filled with cursing, but we'll take it. Cong is a comedic genius who has the features of a drunken bum, but he is so much more than that. He has an off-kilter approach to vlogging, evident in his 10 Utos videos, where he addresses society's pressing issues.


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