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7 Reasons To Start Watching Boardwalk Empire

Well, it's only the best mafia show on TV right now
by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 18, 2012
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Some shows take a couple of episodes before the good stuff start pouring in. But like a bottle of fine liquor, Boardwalk Empire gives an instant punch after the first gulp. This HBO period series takes its viewers back to the roaring '20s straight from the decks of Atlantic City, when alcohol was illegal and greed ran through the streets like blood in an open fire.

                                             "I call this look, 'Where's my order, waiter?'"

Beneath the tourist-y façade of the carnival, the ocean view, and all that taffy is the shady and bloody regime of Atlantic City’s treasurer, Enoch “Nucky” Thompson (Steve Buscemi). The character is based on the doings of real-life racketeer, Enoch L. Johnson, one of the greediest, filthiest politicians of the early '00s.

Thompson finances his helpful politician persona by secretly running the illegal trifecta of rackets in the city: prostitution, gambling, and, his main industry, bootlegging. With the assistance of his sheriff brother, Eli (Shea Whigham), and the torment of his “nephew,” Jimmy Darmody (Michael Pitt), he manages to become the most hated, loved, and feared man in Atlantic City. An Irish housewife, Margaret Schroeder (Kelly MacDonald), catches his attention and becomes a fast love interest. She plays a huge part in turning Nucky’s life into a toss coin between being a family man and a criminal. Michael Shannon plays Nelson Van Alden, a prohibition agent who strives to uphold the 1919 Volstead Act (aka drink or sell alcohol and go to jail) to put Thompson inside a cell and out of his empire.

This HBO gem, whose third season premiered locally last October 10,  continues to be one of the most shocking, brutal, and gripping shows on television, not only because it is riddled with criminals and high-strung drama, but also because it ranks up there amongst the greatest that the station has ever created.

The third season promises to be no different as TV’s gangster revival is pulling more dirty men in power, traitors, backstabbing, deaths, prostitutes, and alcohol up our necks. Haven’t seen an episode? Click onto the next page to see the reasons why you should.

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