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8 Advanced Anime Tech That Could Be Useful In Real Life

These are much better than your smartphone
by Andrei Medina | Sep 1, 2017
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In today’s day and age, we have various technology available to us like smartphones, the internet and the blooming industry of artificial intelligence. These advancements have not only helped humans bridge barriers, but they've also aided in making the world a better place.

While all these are nice and have been around to provide us with an easier day-to-day life, there are far more interesting gizmos and gadgets in the world of anime that would totally be awesome if they became a reality. Here’s a list of some cool anime tech we just wish were real:

Air Trecks (Air Gear)

Air Trecks or ATs for short are basically roller skates powered by a mini motor. This lets extreme sports enthusiasts break their limits with higher jumps and more daring stunts to best the competition. It can even replicate the feeling of flight if the user is skilled enough. Here’s the protagonist Ikki doing a cool high level pole stunt called 'Upper Soul':

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Of course, who can forget Air Gear’s catchy opening song:

Ref Board (Eureka Seven)

If you thought surfing was fun, wait ‘til you learn about this awesome anime tech. On Eureka Seven, Ref Boards are used by both casuals and professionals to “surf” the skies by riding the trapar waves—a form of energy—produced by alien lifeforms that arrived on Earth 10,000 years ago.

3D Maneuver Gear (Attack on Titan)

This is the closest you can get to being like Spider-Mant. This piece of anime tech is an essential piece of survival gear used by all the soldiers in Attack on Titan to quickly traverse any terrain where there are high objects like trees or buildings. They hook on to these surfaces so they can propel themselves into the air. One downside though is it requires gas, which usually runs out pretty fast during an apocalypse. Damn it. 

NerveGear (Sword Art Online)

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This is actually an anime version of a virtual reality headset, but there’s a huge difference. For one, it makes the user perform the 'FullDive' process, which as the name suggests, transfers their consciousness to a digital dimension where all five senses can still be used like in the real world.


Capsules (Dragon Ball)

Ever wanted a super convenient storage device? Here’s the answer. This tiny yet extremely useful tech can store a car, a house, and even a garage. You can carry tons of capsules and organize them in a neat container for all your needs. It’s no wonder Bulma always brings these babies with her.

Automail (Full Metal Alchemist)

Edward Elric lost an arm and a leg due to a failed human transmutation attempt when he was just 9 years old. From then on, he had to rely on Automail to live normally again. The automotive armored prostheses played a vital part in Edward’s state alchemy test and is also one of the reasons why he’s considered as an elite soldier who’s been given the 'Full Metal' title.

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Dials (One Piece)

When Luffy and the Strawhat Pirates finally found the floating island of Skypiea, they were weirded out by a lot of things. Among these were the Dials, which are sea shells that have many uses. They can be used for recording messages or absorbing forces, which can be released at will to act like a grenade blast.

Tone and Wind Dials:

Impact Dial:

Gundam (Gundam series)

Piloting mecha has always been part of every boy’s bucket list. Too bad we still don’t have the technology to create giant robots. On the bright side, there’s the Gundam franchise to keep us dreaming until these war machines actually get invented and hit the production line.


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