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8 Unforgettable One-Man Army Anime Moments

Everyone on this list is overpowered AF
by Andrei Medina | Jul 21, 2017
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It’s not uncommon for kids and the young at heart to look up to anime characters. After all, most of these fictional folks have special powers that we can only dream of having ourselves.

So we’ve all probably resorted to being super move copycats at least once in our lives. Admit it, you’ve tried mimicking Goku’s Kamehameha stance or perhaps Eugene’s Spirit Gun, more popularly known locally as the Rei Gun, during your childhood.

But beyond these signature moves, there are characters in the anime world that stand out not only becuase of their strength, but because of their ability to take on tons of guys alone without even breaking a sweat. Here are some anime characters who can pummel through an army on any given day. 

1) Kirito vs Titan’s Hand Guild (Sword Art Online)

He may be stomping some low-level noobs here, but it’s their fault for trying to attack Sword Art Online’s strongest player, who’s been taking on much tougher foes than these scrubs in the frontlines.

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2) Kenshin Himura vs everyone (Samurai X)

Before he mellowed down as the wanderer with a reverse-edged sword who vowed never to kill, Kenshin was the legendary assassin known as 'Battousai the Slasher.' Check out how his cold-blooded side mercilessly mowed down everyone who stood in his way during the Tokugawa era.

3) Afro Samurai vs everyone (Afro Samurai)

Afro is a lot like Battousai, only more savage. In a world where he is constantly targeted due to his status as second strongest, he definitely needs some sick swordsmanship skills to survive. So the funky haired warrior developed some unconventional fighting moves that are reminiscent of Tekken’s Eddy Gordo while on his way to becoming the best.

4) Baki vs 100 men (Baki the Grappler)

At just 13 years of age, this headstrong teenager already has a buff body and master-level combat skills in various martial arts disciplines. With these assets, plus his big balls of steel, the brawl-hungry grappler challenges 100 street punks to test his strength. He didn’t beat them all, but he did get around 30 of them.

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Here’s his dad, Yujiro Hanma, who schools his son on how it’s properly done by single-handedly taking on over a hundred cops at the president’s residence.


5) Saitama vs Subterraneans (One Punch Man)

Okay, so the whole anime community already knows he’s overpowered AF (the title gives it away) but we’re still here to confirm that baldy here is indeed as strong as ever, even in his wildest dreams.

6) Luffy vs 100,000 Fishmen (One Piece)

This is a bit over the top even when compared to Saitama, but here we witness the Strawhat Pirates captain knocking out 50,000 enemies at once with an impressive display of his control over the Emperor’s Haki ability. It’s quite surprising to see Hody Jones slug it out with him despite knowing fully well at this point that he was no match for the aspiring Pirate King.

7) Guts vs 100 soldiers (Berserk)

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He made a name for himself as the dreaded “Hundred-man Slayer” after doing just that during the Battle for Doldrey. No disrespect meant, but we placed this over Saitama and Luffy’s feats simply because Guts had no superpowers and was still epic with this sheer display of raw strength.

8) Madara Uchicha vs Shinobi Alliance (Naruto)

It doesn’t really take a lot to match the legendary ninja, Uchiha Madara, himself. You just need main protagonist Naruto (who is btw protected by the thickest plot armor out there), all the five Kages, and the whole Shinobi Alliance—which is basically the whole Naruto world—to band together and gang up on a weakened version of Madara, who’s just been raised from the dead. Despite their overwhelming numbers, Madara wipes the floor with them with his Godlike jutsu.


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