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8 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' Scenes We Want To See In The New Netflix Series

We're crossing our fingers that this will be as good as the animated series
by FHM Staff | Sep 19, 2018
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Netflix just announced that they’re planning on creating a live-action version of Nickelodeon’s animated hit Avatar: The Last Airbender set to start production in 2019. Now before you get traumatic flashbacks of that disastrous movie version by M. Night Shyamalan, there are a few things different about this project that gives us a little bit more to look forward to. 

First, Netflix is planning to make this a series, which means that there will be more time to properly tell the story of Aang instead of cramming it into one full-length movie. Second, there have been great advances in special effects since 2009 (coupled with Netflix’s deep pockets) so we can expect better visuals. Third, which in our opinion is also the most important, the original creators Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko will be the ones running the show as Executive Producers. 

But as much as all of these reasons get us excited to revisit the Air Nomads, Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, and the Fire Nation all over again, it’s really the story and characters that truly made Avatar special—which is why we’ve listed down our favorite moments and characters in the show, which we hope will not only be included in the live-action adaptation, but will be cast and produced properly.

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Aang v. Bumi

Aang and Bumi are childhood friends, but when Aang gets frozen within an iceberg, time literally passes him by. This is the reason he doesn’t immediately recognize his friend when he visits Omashu. Bumi is now a full-fledged Earth Bending master and their sparring session would look great if done properly on the big screen.

Iroh escapes prison

Of all the characters in The Last Airbender, Uncle Iroh, The Dragon of the West, is by far our favorite. His wisdom and wit set him apart and provide enough reason for the audience not to totally hate the Fire Nation. In this particular episode, his being a master tactician is on full display as he fools the guards by encouraging their view that he is a crazy old man while he secretly trains to free himself.

Toph the Blind Bandit

Toph is one of the most badass characters in the series. Successfully casting her in the live action movie is critical. Also, Earth Bending is probably the most awesome of all the bending skills to see in live action—especially the tournament where Toph is introduced.

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Katara learns Blood Bending

Water bending is often seen as the soft, smooth, and gentle bending skill. This episode departs from that perception and reveals its more sinister application. To see the virtuous Katara struggle with her inner demons in this episode gives her character depth.

Sokka learns the art of the sword

Sokka is a warrior at heart despite the lack of bending skills. When he sought instruction from a Fire nation swordsmaster, he knew the risks involved. Fortunately, Piandao is a true master who saw real dedication in his student. 

Zuko and Iroh

The dynamic between Uncle and Nephew is one of the most heartfelt and beautiful relationships in the series. Iroh, who lost his son, looks at the banished Prince as his own and never loses patience in teaching him the honorable way.  

Zuko vs. Zhao

Zhao is your stereotypical bad guy. When he and Zuko square off in the northern water tribe, the battle between two Firebenders is a definite visual treatespecially in live-action.

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Aang vs. Ozai

The ultimate battle between good and evil. In the end, it was ultimately a test of how Aang would choose to handle the immense power he was given. The scene was beautifully choreographed and if done right, would be a true marvel to watch in live action.  

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