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A Hiss-story of Bruce

<p>Move over Jake</p>
| Jul 23, 2009
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Got a mile-long python hanging out in your garage or a poisonous snake knocking and hissing furiously on the front door? Bruce George is your man. He is the host of Animal Planet’s Snake Crusader with Bruce George, premiering tonight, where he is in a quest to show common people why snakes are friends and not necessarily the enemy, or a kind of delicacy.

In a recent chat, Bruce admits that he wants to be nowhere else right now other than with those snakes. “It’s my dream job,” he says. “It’s actually very self-satisfying to be an animal rescuer. Whenever I go to bed at night after a day of rescuing, it’s the best sleep I [always have] because I’ve put something back to the earth.” Indeed, Bruce loves those scaly creatures, as much as Indiana Jones hates them.

But don’t think anyone can just jump right in the snake pit, and start wrasslin’ with the snakes. Bruce cautions that going gung-ho is not the way to go. Asked about what we’ll need to be able to do what he does, he replies that “advance knowledge over animals is a big plus because you’ll need to know what you’re dealing with to handle them. But for me, the main qualification would be to have the love of animals.”

For many people, handling snakes for a living may not be the sanest dream job. But we wonder: Was there ever a time when this tattooed snake savior hated the snakes? It seems Bruce has never read about that darned snake in paradise. “I remember I was only a young boy, between six and eight, and we used to have a big fair every year.

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WORDS: Gelo Gonzales

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