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The Phenomenal AlDub Love Team's Highs And Lows Post-Kalyerserye

Three years ago, Alden and Yaya Dub met for the first time
by John Paulo Aguilera | Sep 5, 2018
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Exactly three years ago, the overnight love team of Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards aka AlDub met for the first time. Well, sort of.

More than Day 1 of kalyeserye, where Yaya Dub got flustered at the sight of Alden, and the historic Tamang Panahon event, September 5, 2015 was probably the most important day for AlDub fans, as they almost witnessed their beloved split-screen tandem come into contact with each other—if not for Lola Nidora's plot twist. Fast forward to today, Maine and Alden have essentially gone their separate ways, but the passion for the phenomenal pairing lives on.

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FHM looks back at the significant moments that have led Maine and Alden to where they are now after much of the AlDub craze subsided, particularly their collective and individual ups and downs.


Destined To Be Yours

Something about AlDub removed from their usual noontime slot just doesn't feel right. We're obsessed with Maine, but like My Bebe Love and her MMFF Best Supporting Actress award, the love team looked forced on primetime. Even the nightly Twitter campaigning—though not kalyeserye levels—couldn't save the drama from poor ratings. After only 63 episodes, DTBY got axed.

Maine vs Joey de Leon on depression

It wasn't exactly a low on her part, but rather on the so-called "Henyo Master." Most of the time, the tactless Joey would get away with what comes out of his mouth. But when he trivialized depression, describing it as "gawa-gawa lang," Maine knew that she had to step in and put him in his place. Joey would go on to apologize to her and the public, but the damage had been done.

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Maine asks for 'freedom' in open letter

Late last year, the Pessimistic Optimist Bella addressed the AlDub Nation through her blog. There, she thanked fans for their support but also called out the controlling ones, writing, "I feel like I live in a box." More importantly, Maine set the record straight: "Alden and I are just friends." Contrary to the negative feedback that she expected, fellow celebrities praised her bravery.

Juancho Trivino flips 'Alden' the bird

Well, it was actually just a poster of Alden, but AlDub fans didn't spare his DTBY co-star their wrath after a clip of the supposedly disrespectful gesture circulated online. The hate on Juancho was fueled by his closeness to Maine, whom he even called "special." The actor-model has said sorry for the "bad joke," while Alden dismissed the whole thing, saying, "It's not a big deal."


Imagine You And Me

For every My Bebe Love and Destined To Be Yours, there's an outlier like the 2016 mid-year rom-com and AlDub's first-anniversary gift to fans. Set in Italy, IYAM had the year's second-highest opening gross (over P21.5M), behind KathNiel's Barcelona: A Love Untold. Maine wasn't only credited as the film's female lead, but also the songwriter of its titular theme song.

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#AlDubMcDoPaRin: Tayong Dalawa

The meteoric rise, undeniable chemistry, and kilig factor—everything came rushing back to the AlDub Nation after seeing their favorite couple reunite onscreen. McDonald's is responsible for the heartfelt commercials starring Alden and Maine, and one can't help but wax nostalgic upon watching this latest bit. Who would've thought that a fast food date could be so romantic?

Victor Magtanggol

The nod for Alden's best project post-AlDub easily goes to the 2018 Martial Law special Alaala (won New York Festivals silver medal award), but his lead role as the superhero Hammerman might be giving him a greater sense of gratification. Just ask Maine, who posted on Twitter, "Congratulations sa dream project, @aldenrichards02! You will always have my support. Best of luck and stay happy!"

Award-winning Maine

No other celebrity has had quite the surge to superstardom like Maine, who went from getting discovered for making wacky faces to emerging as one of the country's biggest showbiz personalities. Alden may be reaping the benefits of the AlDub craze, judging from his revitalized career and primetime show, but he has the Dubsmash Queen-turned-Phenomenal Star to thank for.

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