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Jollibee Better Step Their Ad Game Up Because McDo's New AlDub Commercial Is 10/10

Have you seen a prettier smile? 
by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 27, 2015
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There is no stopping the #AlDub train. Anything that stands in its way will most probably get trampled—competing TV shows, love teams, and now, even fastfood chains.

Last September 10, 2015, McDonald's released their first Yaya Dub commercial—also the TV phenom's first—on YouTube. It currently has 635k views. They followed it up with a longer version on September 27 called "Papa Na Kita #ALDUBKoTo," which has now racked up 4.7 million views.

Two days ago, October 25, the fastfood giant released the newest "episode" in their #ALDUBKoTo series, titled "Paniwalaan Mo, #ALDUBKoTo."

In the new minute-and-a-half advertisement, Maine and Alden Richards Dubsmashes to the tune of "Paniwalaan Mo," an OPM classic first released in 1977. Like the VST & Co. classic "Itanong Mo Sa Akin" used in the two earlier commercials, "Paniwalaan Mo" was first performed by another band comprised of Joey de Leon, Vic Sotto, and Tito Sotto called Blue Jeans. Along with the Eat Bulaga trio, the other members were Val Sotto, Chito Ilacad, and Guy Ilacad.

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In the song's newest "rendition," another trio stars alongside AlDub: JoWaPao. For the uninitiated, that's Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, and Paolo Ballesteros in their hit lola roles. Their back-up routine provides extra firepower to a commercial that could survive on AlDub's explosive chemistry and Yaya Dub's record-setting charm alone.

It's a simple ad, really. But that same, impossible-to-explain AlDub magic that filled up the world's largest indoor theater with great ease is undeniably there.  

See for yourself:

With this performance, AlDub fans are certainly the big winners. But you know who wins even more? McDonald's. Their commercial has won near-universal praise on YouTube and Facebook. 

Here are some of the comments made on the Facebook post made by GMA linked to their own "Paniwalaan Mo" article:

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From these positive comments, there were a number that would make you worry if you were a competing fastfood restaurant. A number of netizens have professed that they will be eating more at McDo more than at any other fastfood because of these AlDub ads: 

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How have these TVCs affected your stance on fastfood chains? Based on these comments, all we know is that McDonald's ability to secure Yaya Dub's (and to a considerable extent, her partner Alden's) services as an endorser faster than all the other fastfood giants is paying off.

What could be the next brand that Yaya Dub turns into gold?

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