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This Beach Show Host Is The Sexiest Zen Master We’ve Ever Seen!

Hong Kong hottie teaches us how to pick a bikini
by Gelo Gonzales | Dec 4, 2013
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Despite the December breeze, the perfect summer show premieres next week on TLC, The Beach Life With Angela Kan.

The lifestyle channel host, photographer, writer, and world traveler Angela Kan packs her bikinis for some of the world’s most alluring beach destinations—in search not only for the purest sands, the bluest waters, or the world’s most beautiful sunsets but for life, culture, and people that love the beach life as much as she does.

The Hong Kong beauty makes a splash in five of Asia Pacific’s most beautiful beaches: Koh Pangan, Thailand; Cairns, Australia; Bali, Indonesia; Goa, India; and our own Boracay. With a zest for the new, the exciting and the fun, Angela not merely dips her toes in the water like a tourist; rather dives headfirst to find the pearls that give a beach, beauty and character.

In Boracay, for instance, it was the incredibly energy that blew her away. Via phone interview, Angela says: “It is amazing because the people, the Filipinos are always singing and dancing.  It is incredible, the zest with which you live your life. I adore it.”

As example, she points to one dance routine by the Boracay dragon boat team, performed in a festival. It made a mark on her: “Those were the people that just completely took me away. They were doing back flips off the stage.  They were having the best time. And that’s how these people party. If I was the judge, I would probably give it to the Boracay team.”

While we all know that partying has its patch sewn onto Boracay’s sleeves, Angela remarks that there’s more to the Philippine paradise: “It’s not just the partying. The partying is like a way to get to know each other…In Boracay, I felt like, wow, there was such spirit for the island and their love of Philippines as well—and that was amazing for me.”

There lies the show’s essence: it digs deeper to uncover a different side to these popular spots, beyond the typical tourist pursuits.

That we have a tour guide like Angela is but a bonus. Because in case we haven’t shown you her full-body photo yet, here we have Exhibit A of Why-Summer-Can’t-Come Soon-Enough:

Like Boracay though, it’s the surface beauty that strikes us first. But get to know Angela more, and she’ll surprise you with her zen-like knowledge. This English-teacher- slash-advertising-pro-turned-explorer (and proposed Turista of the Week?) dished wisdom—some fun, some serious—during the interview. On the next page are eight shots of those, courtesy of Angela Kan, TLC host and sezy zen master.

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