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7 Anime Robots That Made Our Mecha Dreams Come True

Let's volt in!
by Andrei Medina | Jul 31, 2017
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If you’re into anime then it’s probably safe to say that you’re also into mecha robot action.

Most of us had our daily dose of mecha shows during our youth, when anime was a mainstay in local television. Aside from the usual anime, we had shows like Power Rangers and Transformers that also featured the likes of the Megazord and Optimus Prime.

That time is long gone, but we will always remember all the enemies these raging robots defeated and the lessons that came along with the epic beatings. As a tribute to the high-octane awesomeness these metal giants delivered, we compiled a list of memorable mecha from various anime that have made a mark on pop culture.

1) Gundam

With numerous titles released and just as many toys throughout the decades, the Gundam franchise was popular with the Pinoy youth.

It was the Gundam Wing series which first introduced us to the world of high-flying fighters when it was shown on local channels during the late ‘90s. 

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2) Voltron

It’s basically like the Power Rangers’ Megazord, but instead of having different prehistoric beasts forming a super robot, we have five lions volting, err, combining to form Voltron, Defender of the Universe.

3) Evangelion Units (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Nerv pilot Shinji Ikari is pretty much a pathetic wimp, but even he becomes an awesome anime hero whenever he’s inside one of the Evangelions. Check out this epic moment where he went berserk against the angel, Zeruel:


4) Daimos

At first, Daimos seems like a copycat of Optimus Prime, but don’t judge this mecha just yet. This space truck that transforms into a formidable robot has enough weapons to whoop both Prime and Megatron’s asses.

Daimos has an arsenal of guns, missiles, blades, and shurikens at its disposal. It even has elemental attacks that could burn or freeze foes depending on the situation. There’s also the double blizzard attack, which leads to its signature finishing move. We’re just worried that the whole pilot-gets-in-the-car, car-gets-in-the-truck, and then transformation-finally-ensues sequence can get tiring.

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5) Guymelef (Vision of Escaflowne)

Guymelefs are actually mechanized battle suits that were initially created to hunt dragons in the world of Gaea. Only the most skilled soldiers—usually knights—can pilot these complex contraptions.

6) Mashin (Magic Knight Rayearth)

With three attractive heroines and a pretty princess in distress, it’s easy to forget that Magic Knight Rayearth also features massive mecha that wield the elements. These are actually called the Mashin or Rune Gods, which are the legendary guardians of Cephiro.

7) Voltes V

This mecha anime from the ‘70s is so popular in the Philippines that it has been reaired several times.

As kids, most couldn’t get enough of Steve, Big Bert, Little John, Jaime and Mark preparing their epic V formation. There’s only one thing left to do: “Let’s volt in!”


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