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7 Wise Anime Senseis Who Walked You Through Life

It's a never-ending lesson
by Andrei Medina | Oct 23, 2017
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Early in life, we're already exposed to different kinds of teachers, starting with our professors in school, then our mentors in the respective careers we choose. Aside from them, we also have our parents, who act as our daily source of advice. Plus, of course, there are our friends, who are a well of wisdom during weekend drinking sessions.

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These people are an essential part of shaping who we eventually become, so it’s not surprising that there are also similar figures in various anime series who take on these important roles to help the protagonist grow. Here are some senseis who have taught us a thing or two about life:

Rayleigh (One Piece)

Silvers “Dark King” Rayleigh was once the first mate of the former Pirate King. Being in such a position allowed him to fully master the three types of Haki. Here, he trains Luffy in the ways of Kenbunshoku, Busoshoku, and the extremely rare Haoshoku Haki to prepare him for the perilous voyage that awaits in the New World.

Seijuro (Rurouni Kenshin)

Hiko Seijuro lives the life of a lone wolf in the woods, away from the bustles of the busy town district, where he can focus on strengthening his sword techniques. He then found a young Kenshin, who was traumatized from all the killings. This was where he decided to train him to become one of the greatest assassins of the Tokugawa era. They were united years after when he finally taught his pupil the secret to pull off the legendary Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki move.

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Izumi (Full Metal Alchemist)

She has a hot temper, a sad past, and most notably, can cast spells without a transmutation circle. We’re talking about Izumi, the badass alchemy teacher of the Elric brothers who makes the juvenile state alchemist tremble with one look.


Wing (Hunter x Hunter)

At first, Wing looks like a harmless middle-aged man who wears glasses with a neat getup. In reality, he’s actually a Nen master who’s also into advanced martial arts. During the Heaven’s Arena arc, he took a liking to Gon and Killua and trained them how to unlock their hidden Nen potential.

Genkai (Yuyu Hakusho)

She might be a straightforward sensei who always shows some tough love, but Genkai really knows how to properly motivate her students. Just look at Yusuke, who came close to death when Genkai passed her spirit wave energy. In the end, he was able to surpass the trial and emerged stronger than ever.

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Master Roshi (Dragon Ball)

He may be over 300 years old but this geezer can instantly transform his frail form to a buff physique to kick some serious butt whenever the need arises. In the local scene, He’s more commonly known as Master Buten, the bald pervert sage responsible for teaching Goku his signature move, the Kamehame Wave.

Jiraiya (Naruto)

He’s probably as pervy as Master Roshi (if not more), but Jiraiya is actually a deep person who has a genuine appreciation for nature and women. He taught Naruto the foundation of his signature skill, the Rasengan, and although he never mentioned it, he sees Naruto as his own kid.


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