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7 Anime Signature Moves Pinoy Kids Had To Memorize

It didn't matter how silly you would look
by John Paulo Aguilera | Mar 16, 2017
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Before there were even tablets and smartphones, the concept of a child's playtime was more physically engaging. Parents didn't mind their children getting dirty chasing each other in the mud, which has since become a trope in detergent commercials.

A familiar sight in makeshift playgrounds: kids imitating their TV heroes, specifically those in anime. These youngsters didn't have to go as far as cosplaying; all they had to do was memorize what the particular attack was called and all the body language involved.

The seven below are just some of the most popular signature moves that (still) have us jumping on our sofas.

7) Over Soul (Shaman King)

We weren't the only ones who screamed "Amidamaru, sa loob ng Harusame!" in unison every time protagonist Asakura Yoh wielded the O.S. Spirit of Sword. The thought of ethereal beings "possessing" weapons was too absorbing to pass up.

6) Dempsey Roll (Knockout!)

Imagine the look on our faces when we learned that Makunouchi Ippo's Sunday Punch was an actual boxing technique, said to be devised by Jack Dempsey and even utilized by Mike Tyson. The anime depiction only made it more terrifying.

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5) Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Naruto)

The Rasengan may have been Naruto's most devastating ninjutsu, but the Shadow Clone Technique is easily his most iconic. Just like his old man, Boruto was able to master the Art of Shadow Body Splitting at a relatively young age.


4) Kuko ni Diva (Zenki)

Even better than Zenki's transformation from his sealed to unleashed state was that red blade popping out of his elbow, which he used to finish off ugly monsters. Come to think of it, the idea was kind of gross, in a medical sense at least.

2.5) Kamehameha (Dragon Ball Z)

We first laid eyes on the quintessential energy blast when Master Buten (Roshi) took out the fire at the Ox-King's castle. Now, it would be blasphemous for a true blue anime fan to not know the name and gesture of the Kamehame wave.

2.5) Ray Gun (Ghost Fighter)

Despite the fact that Eugene managed to reduce the deadly attack into physical comedy (at the expense of Alfred's butt), the Rei Gun is undeniably the most powerful projectile-based move in the to the Demon Gun.

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1) Laser Sword (Voltes V)

Who could forget the giant mecha's ultimate blow—a huge leap followed by an awkward twisting of the blade that's sandwiched by a pair of slashes? After the hapless opponent explodes, a V-shaped light beam emits from the sword's trail. Only then could we all go to sleep.


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