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Another One Bites The Dust: 'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Finale Predictions

Is it time to say finally goodbye to Rick?
by Rampador Alindog | Apr 2, 2017
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Season 7 of The Walking Dead is soon coming to a close and not too many fans are happy about it.

Most complain the season has been a great bore, particularly coming from an explosive start that had two of its more important characters being turned into bloody piñatas.

But that was that.

The rest of the season crawled slower than a Walker, often getting lost in one side story after another that did nothing but have us wishing they'd get on with it.

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Thankfully, the last two episodes seemingly got the ball rolling—last Monday's outing in particular tied many loose ends. Now, fans are hopeful they'll be served a satisfying season ender.

Looks like it, too.

That said, instead of simply waiting for it, some can't help but play scriptwriter as usual, drawing their own conclusions for the season ender and letting other deadheads know about it, too.

Here, we list some of the more popular predictions for the season finale:

More deaths

As if the death of Glenn and Abraham early in the season were not enough, fans believe there would be more of the same before the curtain drops for Season 7.

Among characters most predicted would be offed soon are Rosita, Sasha, Eugene, Aaron, and Gregory.

For most avid observers, Rosita has become baggage, a huge one. No doubt, she is eye candy but she has been reduced to whining and bitching after Abraham died. Not to mention, she is the main reason Sasha is now in Negan's holding cell.

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Speaking of Sasha, many believe she wouldn't last long after being caught. Many believe she is still breathing mainly because the man with the bat is planning to use her as bait to lure Rick and company to do something they don't want to be doing and pay for it. Or simply, he is just waiting for the right time to make a bloody example of her.

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Many want Eugene dead ever since he admitted to scamming Abraham just so someone would protect him. More so now that he has betrayed the Alexandrians for a bit of comfort.

As for the Aaron, many think he has simply become useless, no thanks to the dearth of story arcs that could have added more depth to his gay character. 

Negan doesn't like traitors no matter if it actually benefits him. For this reason, many are predicting the quick demise of Gregory whom many presume will betray Rick simply to save his own ass.


More surprises

Fans are one in saying the show will try to spring several surprises for the finale in an effort to entice fans to hang on for the next season.

Among other things, they believe these would involve Carol, Morgan, and the rest of the guys from the Kingdom.

We would like to think Rick would have a better chance against Negan with Carol and Morgan on his side but their seeming hesitance to join the fray—at least for now—have fans gripped in a will they or wont they fashion.

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Answered questions

Will Rick succeed in bringing down Negan and the rest of the Saviors?

Will we see Jesus do more than just preen in the finale?

Will we see King Ezekiel's tiger finally bite somebody for once?

Will we see Carol go back to being a bad ass again?

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Who is the "birdie" that whispered Rick's plans to Negan?

These are some questions that many believe will find answers before the season ends.

In fact, we personally think some of these will be answered in more ways than one.

The battle begins

Most fans believe they will have a taste of the great war between Negan and Rick's respective factions before the season ends.

Of course.

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Actually, some had predicted it would happen mid-season but it didn't. In any case, many are now looking forward to it, with Dwight finally betraying Negan the way he did in the comics, allowing Rick to have more aces in his sleeve.

Negan lives

This one we agree, wholeheartedly.

The introduction of Negan as main villain last Season 6 had many anticipating Season 7 with glee.

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Many thought it would lead to more exciting adventures for Rick and company given how Negan is seemingly more brutal compared to the Governor.

Well, he didn't disappoint and fans think he will add a bit more excitement, showing some of that barbaric nature again before this season comes to a close.

As for those thinking he would die abruptly in the finale? We say, no way.


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