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Brutal Ending Bails Out 'Attack On Titan' Season 2 Premiere

Just watch the last five minutes, trust us (spoilers ahead!)
by John Paulo Aguilera | Apr 3, 2017
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It took eternity—four years—before Attack on Titan followed up on its initial season. Following multiple delays, those who tuned in to the anime grew tired of getting their hopes up for a second season.

As if playing a joke on their followers, the creators scheduled its release on April Fool's Day, which rolled the entire fanbase into a ball of confusion. That was until the new opening theme for the highly anticipated continuation of the animated series started playing...

The first few minutes didn't show anything new; it was the same footage of Squad Leader Hanji interrogating Minister Nick about the titan on the wall that leaked in late 2015. If only showrunners did a better job guarding the clip, then this part wouldn't have been such a bore. In all honesty, the intro was more worthy to be put on repeat than the rest of Episode 1.

After almost seeing either Eren, Mikasa, Levi, and Armin in every second of the Season 1, we didn't know how to feel about their insignificant screen time this time around. Perhaps this was to give way to new characters, but that doesn't mean that their appearances should feel like more of a fan service than being actually integral to this chapter.

With 75 percent of the episode basically nonstop chitchat and unnecessary scenes, it was kind of surprising that we didn't doze off in the middle of the show. The long wait might've helped in keeping us awake, but at the same time desensitized us to anything other than ripped flesh and spilled blood. Apparently, that is fairly possible with AOT fans.

If not for a valiant soldier being morbidly torn apart in the end after his encounter with the Beast Titan, Episode 1 would've been a total snooze-fest. Squad Leader Miche didn't die a horrible death only to save his comrades, but also to save the season premiere in the process. Still, we think that skipping to the last five minutes is as good as watching the whole thing.

The debut of Season 2 may pale in comparison to its predecessor, although it would be unfair to stack it up against such a remarkable opener. Besides, the level of expectation between the two are on different tiers. A decent episode might even turn out to be a good thing; we'd rather have a series finish strong than fizzle out.

Attack on Titan S02E01 here:

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