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'Attack On Titan' Season 3 Confirmed For 2018, Plus The Most Epic Scenes This Season

Shinzou Sasageyo!
by Andrei Medina | Jun 19, 2017
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The final episode for Attack on Titan (AOT) season 2 just finished airing over the weekend and fans are demanding for more episodes of the popular survival anime ,which has gained a massive following for its riveting story and brutal sequences.

Fortunately, we won’t have to wait too long, after AOT announced that the next season will start airing in 2018. However, a specific date has yet to be revealed, but this is still welcome news for AOT fans who had to endure a grueling four-year wait (which was, by the way, worth it) just to watch 12 episodes of the recently concluded season.

While waiting for season 3, let’s relive the best moments of this season by watching some epic scenes that have made AOT one of the best animes ever.


1) Mike Zacharias vs. Ape titan

Humanity’s second strongest soldier (according to other scouts) takes on the mysterious Ape titan, which suddenly appears out of nowhere. Unfortunately for Mike, his target has something up it sleeves that will cost him dearly.

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2) Ymir (titan mode) vs. other titans

She might transform into an unassuming baby titan model that’s lacking in strength, but she ain’t no pushover. Ymir uses her speed and skills to swiftly rip into the flesh of her enemies while evading their attacks altogether.

3) Berthold and Reiner’s reveal

This has got to be the defining moment of Attack on Titan season 2. If this scene didn’t give you goose bumps and spell this season’s epicness for you then nothing else will. We just love how Eren’s rage is seen once again. As he puts it: “You damn traitors!”

4) Titan fight: Eren vs. Reiner

Eren can be damn strong when he’s in titan mode, but he’s got nothing on Reiner a.k.a. the Armored titan, when it comes to brute strength and power. Reiner was actually manhandling Eren early on in their fight until Eren suddenly pulled some MMA moves on his hulking colleague. This is hands down the best fight this season.

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This major badass moment is when Commander Erwin Smith spearheads the charge of humanity to take back Eren from the enemy. Despite getting chomped on by a titan, Erwin calls out to the scouts to advance and continue the rescue mission. He later emerges in a crucial moment without his right arm and, err, single-handedly rescues Eren. No wonder Captain Levi has so much respect for this man.

The scene was so epic that it already spawned a meme:

It’s just too bad there’s no Levi action this time around, but we’re crossing our fingers hard while waiting on season 3, so hopefully there will be more epic badass moments like this from the fan favorite:

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