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#KiligPaMore: Top 15 AlDub Moments Of 2015

What's your favorite AlDub scene?
by John Paulo Aguilera | Dec 30, 2015
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The year 2015 definitely belongs to AlDub.

Not only because it was the year Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza—or as we first called her, Yaya Dub—caught each other's eyes, it also marked a colossal shift in the Filipino's viewing experience. You can rank it together with color being introduced to screens, basketball being shown live, and every the first time you saw cleavage on primetime as the most important moments in Philippine television.

Some might say that Eat Bulaga's "Kalyeserye" has become dragging and monotonous by the day, and yet #AlDub*insert episode's keyword here* is still up and running. It's also consistently still at the top spot of local Twitter trends.

It won't be with us forever, sure, which is why we should celebrate its greatness while we still can. Hence, FHM compiled the best AlDub moments so far. These gags/scenes/episodes made us forget our problems even just for a while, redefined a nation's viewing preference, and forever etched the transcendental love team's place in pop culture.

Kalyerserye Day 1: First encounter

On July 16, 2015, nobody knew that an innocent prank would turn into a global (social media) phenomenon.

Kalyerserye Day 7: First weeksary

The newly christened loveteam was made official by what was then thought of as a superficial celebration. Cheap sweets and "riding-in-tandem" were given new significance.

Kalyerserye Day 37: Laglagan

Underscoring AlDub's key but not-so secret ingredients: unadulterated kilig and the apparent chance for it to develop from "reel" to "real."

Kalyerserye Day 45: First meeting

One of this year's best TV moments. It reduced the manliest of men to shrieks. The split-screen couple's first-ever actual encounter shattered both Twitter records and an integral plot element...before that damned piece of plywood literally got in the way.

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Kalyerserye Day 51: Second meeting

Why did Alden and Yaya Dub's initial meetings always have to involve a difficult situation, this time in the middle of an abduction fueled by envy? It was the first time we saw kidnap victims grinning from ear to ear while in captivity.


Kalyerserye Day 54: Second monthsary

The Pambansang Bae went all out with his monthsary gifts: a heartfelt letter addressed to Maine, a (teleporting) locket, a rose parade, and a live performance of "Wish I May."

Kalyerserye Day 57: First date

This 12-million-tweet-strong episode not only had us glued to our TV screens, but also demonstrated the unbridled chemistry between the two, despite their limited (physical) contact.

Kalyerserye Day 58: First time Yaya Dub's voice was heard

The slow unraveling of the mystery of the Dubsmash Queen began here. (Even though there were existing videos of Maine singing on YouTube.) 

Kalyerserye Day 63: Alden's first visit to the De Explorer mansion

At this point in Kalyeserye, Lola Nidora proved that she has finally accepted Alden courting Yaya Dub (the old school way) and bore no ill will towards him. The episode also featured Alden's pent-up gratitude to his accidental loveteam partner and Maine's ninja moves.

Kalyerserye Day 67: First duet

Yaya Dub finally grants the wish of Alden—and the whole AlDub Nation—as a present for their 11th weeksary. Notwithstanding forgotten lyrics, Maine one again made the male sector of the hit tandem's huge fanbase swoon.

Kalyeserye Day 69: Pamamanhikan (sort of)

The viewing panel of Allan K, Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto and Joey De Leon, together with Broadway's Dabarkads became part of the one-of-a-kind love story. Alden and Maine also had a chance to talk—minus the Dubsmash and looong table, but plus the studio audience.

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Kalyerserye Day 87: 'Tamang Panahon'

The moment everyone waited for. The outcome wasn't much of a surprise either: a sold-out 55,000-seater venue (Philippine Arena) and a historic 41 million tweets. Just wow.

Kalyerserye Day 105: Newspaper dance

You'd be lying if you say you weren't envious of the many times Alden got to carry his muse...

Kalyerserye Day 116: Almost kiss

This had us wishing for Lola Tinidora to come back and nudge one of them. Konti na lang eh! (It also introduced us to Yaya Dub's equally looker of a rival, Cindy!)

Kalyeserye Day 123: First date outside 

In the last highlight of the year for the monumental pairing, AlDub embodied the quality that made it magical in the first place: being genuine. Alden's utmost care for the clearly distressed Maine summed up this beautiful accident's unbelievable run.


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