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The NetFlix-And-Chill Memes We Can Now Finally Relate To

FOMO no mo'!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Jan 8, 2016
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Finally, the renowned on-demand streaming service Netflix is here in the Philippines. That means you no longer have to scour the web just to get your fix of popular shows like Daredevil and Orange Is The New Black. It also helps you free some bytes on your computer as you no longer have to download movies as you can watch them on the fly.

But the best thing of all? We can now truly relate to the phrase "Netflix and chill."

Yes, we've been seeing it for quite a while now, and while we have a pretty solid idea about what it stands for, we have yet to experience N&C first hand.


But before you start messaging that girl you got the hots for and offer her your newly-installed NetFlix powers, you might want to check out these funny Netflix (and chill) memes we've collated from the web—so you won't end up becoming one.

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First, let's all look back at our parent's own version of Netflix And Chill:

It looks like this M.O. has been happening since ancient times!

Well, at least this millennial thing is creating some legit income for some.

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All brothers with little sisters will definitely agree with this dress code:

Man, even Game Of Thrones' Daenerys was a victim!

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Frodo want it straight up!

Just remember folks, when you invite someone for some Netflix-and-chill, make sure it's huge so she can really enjoy it. We're talking about your TV screens.

The essentials!

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"Chill now, pay later."



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