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Breaking Bad: 11 Life Lessons For Budding Meth Kingpins

Though it has ended, its effects on its viewers are sure to last
by Camille Banzon | Oct 3, 2013
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the pilot episode of this gripping tale all the way to the very end, Breaking Bad simply looked you in the eye and hypnotized you—like a dashing person that let out a whiff of awesome and made you crave for more.

It kept you up at nights, made you scream profanities, and made you do things you couldn't control, like binge-watching episodes and doing nothing else for three days straight or more. It made you think, made you excited with hazard and mystery, and made you emotionally and mentally unstable and defiant of change. And then it leaves you, like a letdown you didn’t want to happen. You want to move on but you keep on lingering, and you will for the next month or so. 

Our exploding hearts aside, the historic six-season run of Breaking Bad showed the world how great a television show can be, setting narrative and development standards left and right. Your move, GMA 7 and ABS-CBN.

Creator Vince Gilligan guided us in this epic tale of Walter White, a chemistry teacher-turned meth kingpin who did some criminally atrocious (and downright genius) things so he can run his business while his family can have a comfortable life. We witnessed Walt’s development from humble beginnings to becoming the subject of a worldwide manhunt, and we rooted for him all the way.

Now that the series is over, and with fans feeling the separation like a bad break-up from a five-year relationship, we decided to look back at the memories that made everything a learning experience. Most especially if you're the scum of the planet and you deal drugs.

Menacing and brutal, Walter White—if unintentionally—showed everyone how to survive the business if your business is drugs, through its ups and downs. On the next page, the life lessons that Breaking Bad taught us...if you're planning to be a meth kingpin!

There may be spoilers below, so if you haven't caught the show yet, well, we'd suggest watching it first.
Also, we do not condone the pushing of drugs in any way. The feature only serves to poke fun at how the show may have inadvertently taught drug lords how to be better drug lords.

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