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This Scene From 'Bridges Of Love' Reminds Us Of Old ST Films

Carmina Villaroel gets all kissy in this Twitter-trending kissing scene!
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 25, 2015
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Bridges Of Love is currently the hottest telenovela on TV right now, thanks to scenes like this:

Video via PH Trends

We awoke from our slouched existence on our office chair upon clicking on the Maja Salvador video, where she dances like one of those beerhouse girls.

Today, our radars picked up another scene from the steamy teleserye, this time involving the ageless Carmina Villaroel. On the March 23 episode of the series, Alexa (played by Carmina) and Carlos (played by Paulo Avelino) find themselves in a lip-locking tryst as it's finally revealed to the audience that there's something going on between them. To make things more interesting, Alexa is a married woman (gasp!) and is married to Avelino's business rival (double gasp!)

The scene between the two trended on Twitter that night under the hashtag #BridgesOfLoveTheOtherSide, and the terms "Carmina" and "Paulo Avelino."

Take a peek, you naughty boy:

Video via ABS-CBN Entertainment

What does this remind us of? It definitely has the feels of those old Gretchen Barreto and Rita Avila "ST" movies (that's "Sexually Titillating" for you, totoy.)

Six things got us thinking this way:

1) Carmina's exposed shoulders

In the '80s, that was a good sign that something mahalay was about to take place.

2) The way Carmina enters the scene, wherein she knocks, the guy opens the door, and things go down. This is a staple in many adult films today, as adult film experts would assess.

3) Paulo's sensual come-from-behind approach

4) The prolonged kissing

Is something going to happen? Are they going to do it? Like any good ST film, they cut the feed just when things are about to get good.

5) The music

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