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Meet Car VS Wild's Ruby, The World's Toughest Jeep

Crazy car trio challenges Mother Nature all over again, this time in Mexico!
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 30, 2013
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Driving in Manila can produce a litany of stories that are worth their salt in inuman sessions or at the typical office lunch. We’ve seen buses jump over flyover railings, a bus spontaneously combust, and wildly impatient drivers going batas on proper traffic flow.

Amazing as those are, they pale in comparison to the kinds of road trips that Discovery Channel’s trio of Bill Wu, Gary Humphrey, and Ruby have all experienced. These three are the stars of extreme survival series, Car Vs. Wild, premiering tonight, September 30, at 10 p.m, only on Discovery Channel.

Those who are into shows that test the ability of men to survive in the most extreme of places are probably familiar with Bill (the self-confessed car fanatic), Gary (the retired British Special Forces soldier), and Ruby (the 12-year-old 4X4 Jeep Wrangler that has seen more adventure than many of us will see in our lifetimes). They starred in last year’s One Car Too Far, where they ventured into Chile’s volcanoes, deserts and mountains.

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Obviously they survived their treacherous Chilean romp. Now, they reunite to once again test their survival instincts—this time tossing their hats at Mexico’s foot.

In their Car Vs. Wild trek, the intrepid bunch set out to conquer the volcanic belt and craters in Veracruz, the dense bush-lands of Orizaba, the rivers of Los Tuxtla, and the 14,000-ft high Pico de Orazaba Mountain (the biggest volcano in North America)—to name just a few of the exotic locales to be seen in the show.

If the names sound exotic, wait until you get a whiff of what poor old Ruby will have to do. Through the 10-episode series, the red Wrangler will be doing a lot of things. She will swing on vines Tarzan-style, attempt a record-breaking climb, and cross a river with half of its body on a raft (while the other half is submerged in water). But why talk, when we can show you some photographic evidence? Witness below, the things that tough-car Ruby has had to put up with:

1) Having to act like a water buffalo

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2) Miles and miles of unpaved paths

3) Being dropkicked by a mad jungle man

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4) Escaping from jungle mad man

5) Getting involved unwillingly in a romantic sunset with two dudes

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6) Extreme cargo overload

7) Treated like a BMX in X-Games

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8) Being pulled like a dog that doesn't want to cooperate

9) Again, being attacked by madman

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10) Treated like a victory podium by adventuring mad men

As you can see, Ruby is one tough S.O.B. for putting up with everything that Bill and Gary have put her through. So when we got to chat with the two hosts, we couldn’t help but ask them: “Guys, if Ruby could talk, what do you think will she tell you?” Click on the next page to find out just how tough Ruby is, and just how intense her adventures were. We feel for you, Ruby! We’ll give you a free carwash courtesy of FHM if we ever meet.

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