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CHEAP BASTARDS: Meet 9 of the World's Most Extreme Cheapskates

Let these tightwads teach you a thing or two about penny-pinching
by Gelo Gonzales | Jul 18, 2013
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Living in the Third World has taught us survival skills that people living in wealthier countries would sneer at. We've pulled a 1-2-3 on many unaware jeepney driver, we rarely ever order any liquid other than water in restaurants, and we even tried to cut our own hair once—all for the sake of saving a few pennies. We’ve also recently gotten into the habit of cobbling together lists of cheap things to buy because a goddamn miserly bunch is what we are.

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However, we've just found out that somewhere in Earth are a bunch of people way more kuripot than us. The kings and queens of cheapdom featured in the new TLC series Extreme Cheapskates are so kuripot they make our penny-pinching ways look like Paris Hilton found herself in a Las Vegas vacation.

Extreme Cheapskates
documents the outrageous ways that outrageously cheap people attempt to save money. What’s funny is that while some of us are cheap out of necessity, a number of the individuals featured in the show have some measure of means. In other words, they have money, they just blatantly choose not to spend it.

Take Kate Hashimoto for example. Not only does her name sound like a posh perfume brand by a Japanese designer, this New York-based CPA (Certified Public Accountant) also resorts to tipid tactics such as hand-washing her clothes in the bathtub with the water she showered in. Now that’s smart. Painfully, penny-pinchingly smart.

                                                      And disgusting. Painfully, penny-pinchingly disgusting

Not impressed, buddy? Perhaps our list below of all the kuripot characters who'll be featured in the show will inspire you enough to start whoring your way to free beers during the weekends. We start with the aforementioned Kaye, whose hand-washing shenanigans are but the tip of the iceberg.

1) Kate Hashimoto from New York, New York

Living in Manhattan, and with a respectable job as a public accountant, Kate is a woman who earns up to $5,000 a month. With that money, she can enjoy the fine restaurants that call New York home. She does—but in her own bizarre way. She scavenges, and dives in the dumpsters of these diners to find food that she estimates can still be eaten. She’s an expert at hunting down free product samples (like of shampoos and soaps) and regularly signs up for product testing to receive more free for-hygiene stuff. This dumpster-diving diva sure makes up for her self-imposed destituteness with a lifetime supply of irony.

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