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Classic 'Pawn Stars' Moments That Celebrate Richard 'Old Man' Harrison

He was the grumpy grandpa we always wanted
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Jun 26, 2018
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‘Old Man’ Richard Harrison, one of the stars of the long-running History Channel reality series Pawn Stars, died at the age of 77 Monday morning after a hard-fought battle with Parkinson’s.

Harrison co-founded the Gold & Silver pawn shop in Las Vegas with his own father and brought up his son in the family business as well, eventually finding themselves the unlikely central figures of reality TV all over the world.

The main ingredients to that may very well be his supportive family and friends who appeared in the show alongside him for almost a decade. Whatever fell into the laps of these pawn stars, you could count on Harrison for his sharp wit and rapid-fire banter. His no-nonsense approach made him exciting and terrifying at the same time. Although, when the situation called for it, he knew when to lay back and laugh at himself and his family.

Wheeling and dealing for the past decade has accounted for several memorable moments that Pawn Stars fans will surely cherish. So, we’ve decided to list down our favorite moments and trivia of the 'Old Man' from the well-acclaimed series.

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No, no, no! Not a Merry Christmas!

In one Christmas episode, Chumlee prances into the shop with a sack over his shoulder, bellowing the familiar “Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!” Rick bursts out laughing but eventually telling Chum that the Old Man has already taken over Santa duties. Harrison raises his cup to Chum and continues working as if it’s not the holidays.

“Come back when you have something original,” scoffed Corey, Harrison’s grandson.

The Beaver?

The shop at one point hosted a Halloween costume contest among themselves. No one really put much effort compared to the Old Man, who dressed up as Rooster Cogburn from True Grit. Chumlee just put on a blonde wig and a hoodie and told everyone he’s supposed to be Justin Bieber. With a straight face, Harrison asks Chum, “beaver?”

“The Bieber. The women go crazy for him.”

“They go crazy over a beaver?”

It’s still the funniest exchange in the show to-date.

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Golf cart enthusiast

In the episode where Harrison is shown a rare 1960s B&Z Electra-King electric car, he immediately puts himself in grumpy grandpa mode. The “Old Man” is usually captivated by forgotten technology, but instead of regarding this electric car as a pioneer creation back in the day, he suggests it should be converted into a golf cart. There’s that banter we will all miss.

The young ‘Old Man’?

You know those trivia cards played before and after commercial breaks? Well, if you tuned into Pawn Stars from the very start, you’d probably know that Richard Harrison got the ‘Old Man’ moniker when he was just 38 years old primarily because of his appearance and attitude.

The Old Man streak

Another noteworthy moment from those trivia cards asked viewers if they knew the last time Richard Harrison took a sick day. Viewers were shocked to find out that it was way back in 1994. This episode aired in 2010, which means that Harrison didn’t miss a day of work for 16 years.

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The classic man

During an episode in the first season, Rick and Corey took the Old Man’s treasured 1966 Chrysler Imperial and led Harrison to believe they sold it for $1000 to a customer who wanted to turn it into a low-rider. The Old Man wasn’t having it. “Both of y’all are fixing to get the wrath of God from me. I’m so goddamn pissed I can hardly talk.”

But they later tell him the truth that they restored his classic car for his 50th wedding anniversary.

Old Man wisdom

If there’s one thing we will miss most about Old Man Harrison, it’s his quick wit and equally fast mouth. His attitude is never more on display than when he’s going at it with Chumlee. Old Man’s banter is timeless, just like his contempt for rice cakes.


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