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Animal Planet's Pet Week: The 8 Craziest Pets In The World

Most people would settle for pooches. The people on this list are not like most people
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 20, 2014
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Do you love pets? If not, you better change your mind soon, because, you know, chicks dig guys who love pets.

To help you with that, Animal Planet has got something up their sleeve: Pet Week. Yes, from June 23 to 27, 9 to 11:30 p.m., the furriest, scaliest channel in all of cable-dom will bring you a boatload of shows geared to make you go "Aww..." for those critterly companions.  

Fifteen pet-centric shows will be featured in Animal Planet's special block schedule, headlined by the premieres of three new series: My Pet's Gone Viral, Lil Bub Special Special, and Preposterous Pets.

  My Pet's Gone Viral features fuzzy canines and felines that have become overnight celebrities with their viral home videos. Lil Bub Special Special follows the life of Lil Bub, a cat who has a special clinical case wherein she stays a kitten all her life. And Preposterous Pets chronicles, well, preposterous pets and their equally preposterous owners who have chosen pets that aren't exactly Air Bud in nature.

Still can't picture the kinds of crazy animals Pet Week will bring to your living room? Here we give you eight of the craziest that'll be featured!

1) "Grizzly Man" Mark Dumas transforms a full-grown polar bear from a furball of death to a furball of cuteness!

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With their thick white fur, it's easy to understand why some of us would be inclined to just give a polar bear a hug. But while 98 percent of such an encounter might end up with our mutilation, this dude from the U.K., Mark Dumas, usually ends up going for a swim with the Arctic creature. 

It certainly helps that Mark and his 16-year-old polar bear, Agee, has been with him since it was just a six-week-old cub. 

2) Werner Freund eats fresh meat with his own wolf pack

(Image via

Every man dreams of being an alpha dog like Michael Jordan but this one German, 80-year-old Werner Freund, is literally an alpha dog. As in he has his own wolf pack.

The former marine has lived with the wolves for over 40 years and has become the leader of his own wolf pack. He howls with them, dines with them, and has essentially become the closest thing we have to a real-life Metal Gear Solid villain.

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3) Mulan The Bengal Tiger has her very own "Tiger Nanny"

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A number of rich people in the world are known to keep tigers as a pet (Chavit Singson, and Mike Tyson come to mind) but this man from Indonesia takes the whole tiger-as-a-pet concept to a whole new level. Instead of keeping them in a cage, 31-year-old Abdullah Sholeh lives, sleeps, and plays with Mulan—even if, sometimes, the giant cat wants to take his eyes out!

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