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CSI: Las Vegas Season 10

<p>For those who've been asking, CSI means Crime Scene Investigation</p>
| Feb 18, 2010
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It has been a widespread gesture for the typical telenovela viewer to pedestal their lives on whatever they watch. No wonder May Bukas Pa is an exceptional hit among Pinoys; Santino always finds a way to make everything okay in the end, thanks to Bro. [firstpara] Poverty, corruption, family problems, we all turn on Santino and his undying faith.

But when the everyday crime, murder, frame-ups, and forensic stuff go into play, which show do we turn to for optimism? Well, we were going to say SOCO but we have a much better option: Crime Scene Investigation.

CSI: Las Vegas is now in its whopping tenth season, brushing off any rumors that the popular franchise is on its final wind. CSI will not go away; not especially now that Raymond Langston, played by the bad-ass mo-fo Laurence Fishburne, has taken over the Clark County forensics team.

The season starts off with a complex case that involves a policeman allegedly killing another officer; our investigators set out to look for adequate evidence to identify if the shooting was premeditated or an accident.

Each members of the team are looking to have their own “family affairs” this season, including a guest appearance by Sara Sidle, played by Joria Fox.

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Look out for Dr. Ray Langston, Catherine Willows, and Nick Stokes to hunt a new serial killer labeled as Dr. Jekyll as well. It sounds creepily cheesy, we know, but the show has the habit of making up for such things with the most graphic visuals and bet-you-didn’t-know methods to solve crimes.

This is where it gets really hard-hitting: Laurence Fishburne will appear in all three CSI franchise this season. Langston will reportedly share his presence on CSI Las Vegas, CSI New York, and CSI Miami in three inter-connected episodes to solve the case of a young girl reportedly missing in Las Vegas. Well it’s about time! We were starting to believe the Fishburne-Caruso-Sinise tandem is just a dream episode not meant to happen.

Crime Scene Investigation is a smart show that leads us to deem that all evil deeds do not go unjustified. Or maybe you can try looking at it as a damn good show about forensics that puts all other cop shows to shame. Season 10 premieres on February 24, and airs on AXN, 10pm every Wednesday night.

Watch the trailer for CSI: Las Vegas’ Season 10 Premiere:

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