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5 Hilarious Fictional Dads Who Will Leave You ROFL

No cringe-worthy jokes here
by FHM Staff | Jun 17, 2017
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When a father cracks a joke, either his daughter ends up getting embarassed or his son will deny being related to him for being too lame.

There are many things dads are quite good at, humor not being one of them. The only time children are forced to laugh at some patriarchal fun other than pop's birthday is every mid-June, the unofficial period for Father's Day.

To mark the occasion in a lighthearted manner, FHM lists 5 dads on streaming who, unlike real-life fathers, don't even have to try hard to keep the household alive. Series marathon with your old man?

Ben Benjamin (The Fundamentals of Caring)

After juggling slapstick and superhero comedy in cult faves like Anchorman and Ant-Man, Paul Rudd mixes the humor with some drama as a writer-turned-caregiver whose job is to make a crippled lad's (Craig Roberts) daily routine more exciting.

Joel Hammond (The Santa Clarita Diet)

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It's one thing to be in a relationship that's dead, it's another to be in a relationship with the undead. Timothy Olyphant tries to keep his sanity and family intact when his wife (Drew Barrymore) suddenly turns into a flesh-hungry monster.

Jim Hopper (Stranger Things)

David Harbour plays a tough police chief who, in time, grows fond of some local kids, particularly Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), after cancer takes his own daughter and a friend's kid gies missing. Basically, Hopper is the quintessential big softie who's just been hardened by life.


Red Forman, (That '70s Show)

Nobody is a manlier man of the house than Kurtwood Smith's popular pops from the '70s—an old geezer capable of striking fear into the hearts of viewers, but also leave them rolling in the floor laughing because of his snarky comebacks. His son Eric (Topher Grace) and his peers know never to poke the bear, unless they want his foot up their asses.

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Rick Sanchez, (Rick and Morty)

The science freak, voiced by Justin Roiland, must have traded in his manners and hygiene for the most powerful brain in the world. This gramps proves that science and alcohol can go hand in hand! Burp!


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