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Marvel Heroes (And Villains) We Want To See On Disney +

These would be nothing short of epic
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Nov 9, 2018
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For some time now, Disney has been teasing us about their upcoming streaming service, Disney + and the shows that will be in it. But it’s no longer a rumor, folks: they are assembling a live-action series centered around a fan-favorite character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Who? It’s none other than the God of Mischief himself, Loki! And yes, Tom Hiddleston will be reprising his role as the crafty brother of Thor.

And that’s not all. There have also been reports that Disney is planning an entire roster of Marvel series a la Netflix. According to the site, this includes  “beloved superheroes who have yet to appear in their own standalone movies” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After the confirmation of the Loki series, another show will be revolving around Wanda Maximoff aka The Scarlet Witch, with Elizabeth Olsen reprising her role.

Just like the many fans of Marvel and Disney, we couldn’t wait until they release the actual lineup they have in mind. But until then, we’ve got some heroes (and villains) in mind that will surely launch Disney + to a whole new level.

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Winter Soldier

The time between Captain America: The First Avenger, where we last saw Bucky fall to his supposed demise, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, where we witnessed his defiant reemergence, is unexplored other than the time he murdered the parents of one Tony Stark. Disney can start there and flesh out the character of Bucky Barnes even more.

Rocket and Groot

Be honest, you’d want to see this, too. Tell us you’ve never wondered how a smart-ass raccoon ended up with a tree to make the funniest and out-there pairing in the MCU. With Rocket’s mouth and Groot’s charms, this could be hilariously cute.

Helmut Zemo

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see the Avengers as villains in someone else’s eyes? Enter Helmut Zemo. He’s the perfect character (aside from the Maximoff twins) to explore this point of view and give justice to a rather complicated character.

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Black Widow

With glimpses of her past in Avengers: Age of Ultron, we’re dying to know how Natasha Romanoff became the supposedly heartless assassin and spy. Plus, we really need more of Scarlett Johansson. If Marvel can’t give her a standalone film, at least give her this.


Suddenly, Hela just appeared in Thor: Ragnarok. We’re given little to no background of her being the sister of Thor and Loki, but that’s all there is to her. Cate Blanchett made the character her own, but the story behind what makes her such a threat hasn’t been really explored.

The Original Ant-Man and The Wasp

Yeah, we all know about Scott Lange and Hope Pym because of their amazing tandem movie. But very few know who the original size-shifting heroes are. It would be cool to see Janet Van Dyne and Hank Pym creating their retro suits back then. Setting it in the 80s would add to that nostalgia.

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Erik Killmonger

Probably the best villain in the MCU (fight us), Erik Killmonger (and Michael B. Jordan) deserves a series of his own. The time between him seeing the Wakandan aircraft over his apartment and when he smuggled out some artifacts at a museum would be interesting to talk about. The character has been fleshed out, but it would be better to give him more of his motivation and a character study on why (and how) he became Black Panther’s worst nightmare.


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