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Homeland: 7 Signs Your Friend is Actually a Terrorist
A scruffy beard may be just the tip of the iceberg
by Gelo Gonzales | Dec 11, 2012
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We all have the “come and go” kind of friend. The kind of buddy who goes away for long months and then returns as a different person each time he or she re-surfaces. Did you ever think that there is a slight chance, aside from gaining a new accent, that your friend has become a mean killing machine while he was away? Short exiles are treated like grandeur feats; “what-did-you-do-how-is-life-there” kind of questions are thrown. And beneath the “I-toured-and-it-was-amazing” replies are the “I-was-re-born-and-became-a-terrorist” confessions waiting to be spilled.

“But why?” you might ask. “That could never happen in real life.”

Except it can. What if after seeing how better life is somewhere else, something inside him clicks, and he vows to overthrow the government as he is consumed by conspiracies, new beliefs, retaliation and radicalism? This is exactly what happens to Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody in Homeland- the award-winning series from Showtime that singlehandedly smoked TV’s current suspense race.

Brody, played by Damien Lewis (HBO’s Band of Brothers), is a celebrated homecoming war veteran rescued after 8 years of captivity under America’s most wanted terrorist, Abu Nazir. Like many war prisoners, Brody did lose his head, though not physically. Nazir painstakingly transformed the soldier emotionally, and mentally, into an anti-government power drone executing his orders to attack America. Carrie Mathieson (Claire Danes), a jazz-loving, mentally unstable, prolific agent, leads the CIA group dedicated to put Nazir down under the supervision of Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin). Together, they stitch happenings and operations to capture those behind the impending attacks. In the process, causing us viewers to grip like a koala holding on to the last piece of eucalyptus on earth or whatever it is that koalas eat. In short, the suspense is deadly in this one. 

So, the next time a “long-gone” friend appears and you feel that "there's something fishy about Juan," scrutinize Brody’s character changes in the show and find out if your friend has turned a Taliban leaf. He might be a terrorist if he exhibits…

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