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Dragon Ball Charges Up Anew For New Anime Series!

Goku and the gang finish their 18-year-long run on Snake Road and make a TV return!
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 30, 2015
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Like its routinely resurrected characters, Dragon Ball just won't die. This is a good thing. While there have been countless anime series that feature energy beams spewing out of palms, Dragon Ball still does it best.

Following the release of Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection Of F, a new anime series called Dragon Ball Super is set to revive interest in the series, big time. The new saga will premiere in Japan in July—the first new Dragon Ball TV program since Dragon Ball GT concluded in 1997.

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What's even more special is that series creator Akira Toriyama will be involved heavily in this new series. In Dragon Ball GT—a story that wasn't adapated directly from Toriyama's Dragon Ball manga—Toriyama's involvement was very, very minimal.

For Dragon Ball Super, Toriyama-san once again helms the series. It's set a few years after the Majin Buu arc, the final saga in Dragon Ball Z. Earth has become peaceful again but as is typical of the series, a new enemy is set to emerge more powerful than any other enemy that the Z Fighters have fought up to that point.

In an article published by, series producer Osamu Nozaki has commented on the series saying, “As I read the plot [of the series] I've already received from Akira Toriyama, my dreams for this begin to expand. An enemy even stronger than Buu or Freeza may appear...”

While we're tempted to say "No shit, Sherlock," we can't deny that that last statement sent a shiver down our spines in spite of the countless other enemies that have already appeared far stronger than those two. For the real hardcore fans, DB GT never existed, and DB Super will be its canon sequel.

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