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Engineering Thrills

<p>The science behind hurl-inducing rides</p>
| Feb 5, 2009
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Discovery Channel
Premiers February 15, 9PM

Who? Brendan Walker (hyper)

What’s it about? Rollercoaster junkie or not, you’d be curious how they put up amusement rides that defy physics, gravity, as well as your throat’s capability to keep all those vomit in. The one-hour special features some of the most bleeding-edge technology to build the engineering monsters that occupy futuristic theme park attractions.
What’s good about it? Check out some of the scariest rides created, like the Fahrenheit, the world’s first 97-degree, inverted-drop rollercoaster.

What’s bad about it?
Makes you wish that the guys behind our local amusement parks can conjure enough guts and engineering know-how to pull up rides similar to those you’ll see in this feature.

The verdict:
Better not miss it. It’s the
closest experience you’ll probably ever get out of the scariest rides on Earth.

-Rhea Catada

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