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Entourage (Season 4)

<p>Vincent Chase’s balmy (but lucky) crew is back for more Hollywood hedonism</p>
| Apr 30, 2008
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HBO May 5, Monday 10 p.m
Who? Adrien Grenier (curly), Kevin Connolly (serious), Kevin Dillon (daft), Jeremy Piven (bloke)

What’s it about? We’ve seen the sometimes asinine crew of showbiz “it” boy Vincent Chase (Grenier) parade through the glitzy LA scene, living the Hollywood high-life. Now, the stakes are much higher. Other than some serious bonding clashes, a major career step up for Chase happens as the Medellin film project is finally underway.
What’s good about it?
Expect more guest stars to add fizz to the series: M. Night Shyamalan, Dennis Hopper, Snoop Dogg, and Anthony Michael Hall, among others.
What’s bad about it?
Fictional ego trips, lovely celebrity lasses, Hollywood glam, and other elitist excesses can’t be all that bad. So we love it.
The verdict: If la-la-land’s cosmetically enhanced chicks (hovering over Chase) can’t get your eyes fixed on the screen, we don’t know what will. - Rhea Catada

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