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#KAKURIPUTAN: 5 Surprise Tipid Lessons From Extreme Cheapskates Season 2

TLC returns with the second season of every <em>kuripot's</em> fave show, <em>Extreme Cheapskates</em>!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jul 22, 2014
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Being kuripot is nothing new to the regular Pinoy. As the tambay saying goes, "Kung kayang pawiin ang gutom ng sabaw lang, para saan pa ang ulam?" Sad as it sounds, we're world-class in the art of penny-pinching.

But as with any art or craft, we could always learn something new. And thanks to the return of the ultimate kakuriputan-porn extravaganza, Extreme Cheapskates, an ironically plentiful plate of penny-pinching tips are about to again trickle down your way.

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You know, like this one: 

And this kinda icky one:

The first season left viewers astonished at how far some people are willing to go to save a couple of dollars. With the eight-episode season two, which premieres on TLC on August 7, 9 p.m., we'll meet another batch of budget-freaks and monstrous misers, who in their excessive cash-conserving ways might actually teach us a thing or two.

Below are five important kuripot lessons from season two!

1)   The lesson: Kakuriputan can bring couples together

The episode: Rick and Karissa have transformed penny pinching into an actual competition since getting married five years ago. They share everything, from their shower to a single toothbrush, all the way to arranging the cheapest funeral ceremony of all time...for themselves.

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