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Famous Manga And Their Anime Versions That Ended Way Too Soon

The biggest cliffhangers of our youth
by Ash Mahinay | May 30, 2018
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Manga-based anime isn't as simple as you think because the time it takes to create more chapters can easily be overtaken by the speed of producing a show, something that Game of Thrones fans can relate to for example. On the other hand, we also have shows that ended with a whole lot more of the manga to cover. This was especially frustrating because in the '90s and early 2000's we barely had any access to the source material of our favorite shows—we might not have even known they were based off written works in the first place! So if you're itching for some closure, here are our favorite titles that left us on a major cliffhanger growing up.

Ranma 1/2

Our favorite boy/girl martial artist was last seen attempting to meet his mother as a manly man and almost doing it but not quite making it. Then Ranma and Akane literally say goodbye to the audience and it ends just like that. That roughly pegs it at Chapter 229 of the manga, leaving you with 170 chapters of transforming antics until the finale at Chapter 400!

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Flame of Recca

Recca and Team Hokage succesfully win the tournament and he finally beats down his half-bro Kurei for a good enough conclusion to the anime, but that's only halfway or 16 of the manga's 32 volume span. Read up and you'll see what happens to big bad guy Mori and the mythical Heaven and Hell psychic weapon.

Slam Dunk

Probably the cliffhanger most are familiar with because it cut off pretty blatantly compared to the other shows here. Shohoku scrapes past the Sendoh-led Ryonan and book their trip to the nationals, Sakuragi gets forebodingly knocked down by the big sleepy-eyed dude Morishige of Meihou at the station left us hanging there. That's chapter 185 with the series detailing their run in the championship that goes all the way to 276.

Great Teacher Onizuka

GTO leaves us shortly after the Okinawa trip with Onizuka taking the blame for a stabbing to protect the teacher-hating Miyabi but it felt like a rushed story arc that stopped as soon as it even began. A lot more happens in the manga, such as Onizuka arm-wrestling (and beating) 100 people in a row, because the anime's conclusion only reached volume 13 of the 25 volume series.

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