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7 Irresistible Female Anime Villains You’ll Never Forget

They’re wicked AF
by Andrei Medina | Sep 7, 2017
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Anime is part of a man’s world. As such, we mostly have male protagonists pitted against stronger male villains to give shounen series a sense of manly development as it progresses. Meanwhile, the females usually get sidelined as a supporting character or the hero’s love interest.

But not all anime hang on to this boring and outdated trend. Some shows have heroines as the protagonist while more daring takes have females at the heart of the story’s conflict. Like their male counterparts, the following female villains can totally kick some serious ass:

1) Machi (Hunter x Hunter)

She’s got pink hair (previously purple) and a petite body but don’t let her fragile frame fool you ‘cause this cute chick is killer AF. Mysterious as she is, Machi is actually one of the more interesting members of the notorious Phantom Troupe.

Depending on her mood, she can either decapitate you in the blink of an eye, or reattach any torn limbs for tons of cash with her Nen Stitches.

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2) Mukuro (Yuyu Hakusho

Despite her status as an elite S-class demon, Mukuro actually has a dark and sad past where she suffered from both physical and mental abuse when she was just a child. This fueled her hatred which in turn became her strength as she eventually rose up to become one of the Three Kings of the demon world.

3) Lust (Full Metal Alchemist)

With her enticing looks paired with a killer body, Lust is undoubtedly among the most seductive villains in this list. She plays the role of a master manipulator within the Homunculi ranks and puts to task weak-willed individuals to do her bidding which mostly involves creating the legendary Philosopher’s Stone for her.


4) Konan (Naruto

Konan was first introduced as the mysterious right hand of Pain, leader of the infamous rogue ninja group Akatsuki. She remained an enigmatic presence until later on in the series when her past as an orphan and ties with legendary Sannin Jiraiya were revealed. Konan’s abilities mainly involve a special paper manipulation jutsu that allows her to fly and create a whole area of paper bombs that she uses to end her battles with a bang.

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5) Erza Knightwalker (Fairy Tail)

She looks exactly like Erza Scarlet, and is as formidable as the redhead heroine but she doesn’t share the kind heart of her Earth Land counterpart. Knightwalker is basically a doppelganger of Scarlet who commands the 2nd Magic War Division of the Edolas Kingdom’s Royal Army.

A Key difference between the two Erzas is Knightwalker uses spear skills as opposed to the Scarlet’s familiar sword and armor magic.

6) Annie Leonhart (Attack on Titan)

Aside from having a (spoiler alert) powerful titan transformation, Annie’s also pretty good at hand-to-hand combat. During the cadet training camp, she is shown toying with Eren by using advanced techniques to throw him around. Mikasa is probably the only one in the series who could match Annie when it comes to raw melee skills.

7) Tier Halibel (Bleach)

Halibel is the busty blonde member of the elite Arrancar forces led by former Soul Society Captain Sosuke Aizen. She usually displays a calm and collected attitude even during the heat of battle. But she can also lose her cool especially when it involves her subordinates getting hurt. Halibel is ranked the third strongest among the Espada

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