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Female Broly Of 'Dragon Ball Super' Is Kawaii AF

She's the gang's newest Super Saiyan
by Andrei Medina | Apr 20, 2017
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There’s a new Super Saiyan in town, and for the first time ever in Dragon Ball history, the elite tier of the powerful warrior race now has a female in their midst. And a cute one at that.

This was recently revealed in a monthly magazine that showed the character design for Dragon Ball Super’s mysterious female saiyan.

Naturally, eager fans were really hyped and quick to pick up and post the exciting details online.

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Not much is known about the yet to be named character since she hasn’t appeared in the series yet. She is, however, seen in Dragon Ball Super’s new opening where she appears to be transforming into super saiyan mode.

The thing is, her massive transformation bares a striking resemblance to a classic Dragon Ball villain: the legendary super saiyan Broly.

She has unsurprisingly been labeled by fans as the “female Broly” and is believed to be participating in the tournament of power that will dictate the fate of the multiverse.


Broly originally appears as the main villain in several Dragon Ball Z movies and is not officially part of the main series. He is a fan favorite for his unique legendary super saiyan form, which even pushed Son Goku to his limits.


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