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FHM's 2013 In Review: Foreign TV Shows That Kept Us Glued

TV shows that got us saying: "Pre, pakopya naman ng bagong episode!"
by Camille Banzon | Dec 30, 2013
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2013 has been quite the hustling time for foreign television. This year, more than ever, it proved to be the constant companion we can always count on.

Of course there are still books, music, our hobbies, and heck, even our friends and partners. But TV filled a year-long need like no other; it had a voice that only our inner couch potato heard. Some of these TV shows were done so well, it made 2013 and its gamut of disasters a little more manageable. Without further blabbing, below are the best (and worst) happenings on Foreign TV this year!

The Breaking Bad Finale a.k.a. television's crowning achievement of 2013 

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In 2013, AMC’s Breaking Bad aired its final season and became a pop culture phenomenon, all thanks to creator Vince Gilligan’s mad genius. The show has been labeled as one of “the greatest,” mainly because of the unreal scenario of a cancer patient-slash-chemistry teacher becoming New Mexico’s most formidable meth kingpin.

Showing no mercy on its story lines and character developments, it portrayed humanity in its highest, lowest, and most dangerously vulnerable forms. It showed the pros of being on top of the Science game (i.e. earning billions of dollars for the family’s security or getting the respect of high-raking scums) versus its horrid downsides (i.e. fearing for your life 24/7 or being chained to a pole, forced to cook meth). Google “best tv series 2013” and Heisenberg’s face will be the first thing you will see.

HBO redefines itself again with Girls, Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire

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Every year, HBO makes it seem like it couldn’t get any better, but it does, especially with how some of its top-caliber shows unfolded this year. In the beginning of 2013, the second season of Girls aired, giving all struggling hipster and neo-hippie ladies in their mid-20’s much satisfaction and idolatry.

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Game of Thrones continued to compel everyone with its addicting complexity and shocking moments (Red Wedding, anyone?), and Boardwalk Empire wrapped its dangerously thrilling fourth season with a ruthless bang. If HBO counted important character deaths in 2013 and replaced it with dollars equal to the number of fans they turned nuts, they’d have enough money to buy their own network.

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