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FHM Explainer: Walang Hanggan

Why is everybody rushing home to watch this show? FHM investigates!
by Lou E. Albano | Jun 21, 2012
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There is a local soap opera taking over the evening primetime and this show seems different from the rest of primetime TV offerings. Walang Hanggan is the newest time sucker that will make you think it has a topless mermaid, a miracle boy, a Mexican Barrio lass and a hologram of Rico Yan all rolled into one fat TV joint.

In the era of torrents, why is everybody—your boss, your mom’s posh amiga, your date!—rushing home just to watch Walang Hanggan? How did this show become so successful, the 100+ episode run even outlasted the Kardashian marriage? Are people suddenly tired of Kuya Willie giving out cash? Doubtful of Papa Piolo playing a priest who is in love with his sexy adopted sister played by Cristine Reyes? Here are eight reasons why Walang Hanggan is so good it can get away with Walang Katapusan (Book two? Book three? Let’s go!)

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1. The plot thickens faster than you can say Legacy
Any casual TV viewer can conclude Filipinos love a good “Amo – Alipores” love story. Who can forget Yna and Angelo of Pangako Sa’Yo? Or Han Ki-joo and Kang Tae-young of Lovers in Paris? Betty the secretary and Armando the boss of Betty La Fea? In Walang Hanggan there is the tall, dark and handsome anak-mayaman Marco Montenegro and the pretty trabahadora Emily. They later become parents to Daniel.

Oh, but there’s more! This show has not one, but three love triangles: Susan Roces – Eddie Gutierrez – Helen Gamboa; Dawn Zulueta – Richard Gomez – Rita Avila; and Coco Martin – Julia Montes – Paulino Avelino OR Melissa Ricks. It doesn’t stop there.

Walang Hanggan is God’s gift to a TV junkie with no budget for the movies. It has all elements of a visually arresting teleserye: love, money, betrayal, twists, turns, a love child, a child who has got no love, stolen kisses, unwanted pregnancies, swapped DNA results, private planes crashing, anger management, confrontations in the bathroom and a grown man hitting Susan Roces in the head. All together now: SANKAPA!

2. There is so much buzz surrounding the show!
Before it started to air, the industry was abuzzed with the show when it was reported that Richard Gomez accepted the project upon learning he was to be paired with old flame Dawn Zulueta. The buzz went up to 11 it was reported that Lucy approved of the kissing scene between Richard and Dawn. Wow, kissing scene!

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3. A powerhouse cast
Let’s start with the veterans: Susan Roces and Helen Gamboa playing sisters with none other than Eddie Gutierrez caught in the middle is reason enough to tune in every night. Throw in the Prince of Independent Films Coco Martin and your celeb hound of a girlfriend has a sick chocolate sundae with sprinkles on top (Yammy! Sorry can’t help it). Plus, where can you find a show wherein the household help are superstars in their own right? Playing Doña Margaret’s loyal bitch fag/accomplice Kenneth is comedian Ogie Diaz. Beautiful Arlene Muhlach plays Yaya Perla, who by the way, can crack a joke and do chorea without pissing off her employers. Let’s not  get started with Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta.

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