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Add These 5 Fresh Anime Titles To Your 2018 Viewing Rotation

Celebrate #NewYearNewMe by watching new anime
by Karen Mae De Vera | Jan 1, 2018
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The New Year is all about new beginnings. If you’re suffering from boredom with all the filler episodes in long-running anime and the eternal hiatus in between seasons, then kick off 2018 by starting on these shows once they air.

1) Junji Ito Collection

Junji Ito’s art style is known for its David Cronenberg-esque mutations, graphic gore porn, and unsettling backgrounds. The famed horror mangaka is best known for Uzumaki, a sordid tale about a cursed town whose inhabitants are mutilated beyond recognition. The 12-episode animated adaptation features some of Junji’s stories from the Junji Ito Masterpiece Collection and Fragments of Horror books.

2) Takunomi

Drinking has long been a part of modern Japanese culture. From work parties to group dates, the alcohol is definitely the social lubricant of choice. So it’s about damn time we had a slice-of-life anime revolving around a group of attractive adult women (and not high school girls) who unabashedly enjoy chugging on the reg. Bottoms up!

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3) Persona 5: The Animation


Get ready for more adventures with the Phantom Thieves of Hearts crew from Persona 5! No news yet whether Persona 5: The Animation will take place after the events of the game or perhaps act as a condensed version. The promo materials show that the protagonist will have a different name from the manga: Ren Amamiya. The Japanese voice cast for the 5 video game will reprise their roles for the upcoming anime.

4) Megalo Box

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the classic boxing manga, Ashita no Joe, a modern take based on its storyline will be released in 2018. Megalo Box delves into the world of underground boxing as its protagonist, Junk Dog, earns money by participating in fixed matches. Sounds like a refreshing departure from the clean-cut sports anime that’s the norm these days.

5) Kokkoku

The psychological sci-fi thriller has religious cults, fast-paced action, otherwordly creatures, and a senior citizen with magical powers. When Juri Yukawa attempts to fight kidnapper (alone and using a knife, no less) in order to save her nephew and brother, her grandfather aids her by stopping time.

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