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Game Of Thrones: Catch Up With the Characters

The award-winning HBO fantasy series returns for its third season!
by Camille Banzon | Apr 9, 2013
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The third season of the HBO hit crossover fantasy series is making fans wait for winter in gripping vain.

Remember the worldwide grief when Eddard Stark’s decapitation happened; skewered like meat with eyes ready to be grilled in Season 1? The way the show triggers emotional viewer wrath through its twists and intelligent backstabbing AND unceremonoius character executions is how Game of Thrones became the most watched show in 2012 and a year before, a show that transformed us into real fantasy nerds.

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With over four million viewers each episode for the past season, the third installment promises to be as hardnosed and startling as the next. Getting too excited? For now, here’s a bunch of reminders on how your most-loved or hated characters have developed through the last season. One advice: don't get too attached.

(WARNING: Spoilers ahead for those who are still planning to watch the first two seasons.)

Daenerys Targaryen – Still mothering three dragons (Viserion, Rhaegal, and Drogon) and still not over the death of alpha-husband Khal Drogo, Khaleesi has overcome too many traumatizing things. Assassinations, and deceit (the people of Qarth almost fucked her over so they’ll have her dragons), even betrayal from her right-hand maid. The petite mommy of dragons is still laying out her plans to start her army so she can have “what is rightfully hers.” Come to think of it, her platinum hair and fixation for silver clothing will totally look gorgeous when she sits on the iron throne.

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(Illogically) Bold Prediction: She moves on from the death of Khal Drogo, falls in love with a nice young soldier, and sets her dragons free like a docile deer. "Be free, scaled ones! Be free!"

Tyrion Lannister
– Tyrion proves that indeed, “Impin’ ain’t easy,” as he becomes wounded in the Battle of Blackwater against Stannis Baratheon’s army. In the book, it was said that his nose was cut-off, aside from the horrendous scar he got on his face as the physical trade-off for winning the battle. Fans will have to wait for the season three premiere to see if the clever dwarf did lose his nose, or his sharp smell for clever decisions. But seriously, we can’t wait if his father will finally let him take control over Casterly Rock.

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