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Game of Thrones: 7 Things to Expect from HBO's Fantasy Series

Forget <em>Lord of the Rings</em>, this one's got more blood!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jul 28, 2011
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FHM Nation prepare yourselves for epic fantasy entertainment of orgasmic proportions.[firstpara]HBO’s Game of Thronesbased on the bestselling fantasy book series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin–premieres on August 28 exclusively on HBO and HBO HD.

FHM, along with other fellow press, were granted an exclusive sneak peek at the series’ pilot episode last July 26. Trust us, HBO is in top-form.

The show centers on the fictional realm of Westeros and its Seven Kingdoms.

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In a land where summers are few and far between and winter poses a threat, everyone has claimed a stake for the coveted Iron Throne.

Families collide in what can only be described as power-hungry, lust-driven intrigue, blurring the fine line between loyalty and deceit.

As expectations are part of anything built with hype, we list down some of the awesome factors that should peak your interest in this television gem. Dungeons and Dragons geeks as well as fantasy-nerds have cause for celebration. Prepare to indulge in a perfect concoction of drama and danger, because “in the game of thrones you either win or you die.”

1. Bosom-baring Medieval Fornication
What’s an HBO Original Series without the bump-and-grind scenes? In the same fashion as True Blood and Rome, GOT does not hold back on the mammaries. The women in this one are of primo-quality. Moaning and groaning (of the good kind) are in abundance as characters are constantly in pursuit of the flesh. From whorehouses to horny princesses, the show is bound to loosen up your loins–although, and we hate this fact, Asian television regulations may hinder some scenes of the boot-knocking kind.

Unfortunately, the dildo had yet to be invented.

2. Sword-wielding and Bloodshed: Mandatory
It definitely wouldn’t be an epic fantasy without spilling some blood and guts. The story is set in a medieval-esque age, so resorting to violence as a form of resolution is commonplace. Expect bloodbaths in the form of jousting knights, wolves tearing off throats and little girls sticking swords into chubby kids (No, we aren’t kidding).

“You call this gross? I call it breakfast!”

3. Money Well Spent is Money in the Bank
The Hollywood Reporter reports that GOT had an estimated $50-$60 million budget for the first season. The first season has 10 episodes, and if you do the math, that’s around $5-$6 million per 1-hour installment. The show has garnered 13 Emmy nominations this year and has been well received by both critics and audiences. Each episode costs about $2.5 million dollars to air outside of the US. It is money well spent because GOT showcases set design, costume and acting of maximum caliber. As they say it’s not just TV, it’s HBO.

The production of swords and armor had an adverse
effect on the wardrobe budget.


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