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The Most Gruesome 'Game Of Thrones' Deaths—Ranked

From the most satisfying to the most tragic
by Rampador Alindog | Jul 13, 2017
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Game Of Thrones is a lot of fun, that is, until your favorite character gets offed.

Fans still remember the agony and shock seeing the righteous Ned Stark (Sean Bean) lose his head early on in the series, triggering a bloodlust that continues to grow strong with every passing season.

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The shows creators are obviously wise to it, making deaths—as with characters disrobing—huge events (who could ever forget the tragedy that was the Red Wedding?) that could surprise even the most die-hard fan.

We now look at some of the other, more memorable deaths on the show:

15. Gone too soon

Like Ned Stark, we thought we would see more of Oberyn Martell.

Oberyn wasn't afraid of the Lannisters and he is seemingly capable of bringing the House down.

Then again, he was too cocky for his own good. Thinking he had already won as The Mountain lay dying beneath his feet, Oberyn had his skull crushed in the goriest manner.

14. With honor

Another character on the show who died like a true hero is Ser Barristan Selmy.

A former member of the Kingsguard, the disgraced warrior decided to help Daenerys take the Seven Kingdoms. Sadly, he died fighting the Sons of the Harpy during an attack in Meereen.

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13. By the door

Of course, who could forget the sad, sad, death of the simple-minded but very loyal Hodor?

That it happened mainly due to Bran's seemingly reckless warging made it even sadder.

In any case, fans will now remember Hodor for the hero that he is.

12. Death's arrow

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Then there is the death of Ygritte. The charming wildling, a true warrior, shouldn't have died in the hands of weak and cowardly Olly, but there it was and we could only weep along with Jon.

11. Roasted

One of the saddest deaths on the show is that of Shireen Baratheon, who was burned to death as sacrifice to the Lord of Light by her own father upon the advice of Melisandre.

Seeing both Stannis and Selyse die, we now gleefully await for Melisandre's turn, and we think, so is Ser Davos Seaworth.

10. Too young

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Poor Olly. He could've gone places sticking with Jon, but his desire to avenge the death of his parents led him to doing things that eventually merited him a place in the gallows.

9. Through the needle

Another character who got her rightful comeuppance in the show is the Waif, although we were deprived of the satisfaction of her demise seeing that the show creators decided to do it off-screen.

8. Flock of death

We all thought Grand Maester Pycelle was invincible given his position in House Lannister.

The cunning old man proudly thought so too, failing to defend himself against Maester Qyburn, who had Varys' little birds stab him to death.

7. Eating humble pie

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We have longed to see Walder Frey suffer for what he did to Robb and company at the Red Wedding. Witnessing Arya Stark slit his throat after feeding him a pie made out of his own sons was quite fulfilling.

6. In gold

Before Daenerys even thought of sitting on the throne, her brother Viserys was already salivating about it. He made it clear he would stop at nothing even if it means pimping his own sister.

Eventually, this would lead to him being killed by Khal Drogo, who thought it best to do so by pouring molten gold on his head. We loved every second hearing him scream his last scream. A croen for a king indeed. 

5. Goodbye dad

If there's one thing we can thank Ramsay for, it's for murdering his father Ross.

4. Doing number two

We couldn't think of a shittier way to die. And to think that it happened to the very powerful Tywin Lannister at the hands of his own imp son.

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3. Blown sky high

The High Septon's experience with wildfire was rather explosive.

Sure, he was just following the rules of his faith, but we thought he was taking it too far.

The fact that the main branch of House Tyrell was killed off with him, including the manipulating Margaery, and the useless Mace Tyrell, made us only happier.

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2. All choked up

Ah, Joffrey! We could never forget seeing you breathe your last breath.

Your mom may not agree, but you deserved every drop of that poison.

1. Death by rabies

Now we do not know if Ramsay Bolton's hounds were rabid, but most Sansa supporters did wish they were.

Seeing the bastard being mangled by his own hounds was the most satisfying and morbid sequence of the show.

To say Ramsay was a mad, sadistic serial killer is an understatement.

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He killed a lot of people, including his own father, his stepmom, and his baby brother, all because he wanted the throne.



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