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Bust Out The Brews For This 'Game Of Thrones' Viewing Challenge

Or crank out some moves for that matter
by Ria Esguerra | Jul 17, 2017
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As the winds of winter come whistling through Westeros, so do the rains on our side of the realm. Are you ready to heat up your Monday nights with the insidious political plots, fiery battles, and incredible women of Game of Thrones? We know we are.

A quick recap of the events from Season 6:

The Night King and ice zombies of the GoT ‘verse are almost at the Wall with no Jon Snow to lead the Brothers of the Black. The sulky Snow has been busy taking back Winterfell with Sansa’s help by essentially feeding Ramsay Bolton to his starving bitches, and has just been dubbed the White Wolf and new King in the North.

Arya is finally back on the same continent after training with the Faceless Men, and hopefully reunites with the Stark pack sooner rather than later. And the Mother of Dragons and Rightful Queen of the Seven Kingdoms has come a-knockin’ on the gates of King’s Landing after Cersei just burned half the city to ashes with wildfire.

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Now, to make your Game of Thrones Season 7 viewing more exciting, we dare you to give this drinking-game-workout-challenge hybrid a try. What you’ll need: a TV, a few bottles of brewskies at hand, and a couple of buddies to make things more interesting. The mechanics: Put Thrones on, and just follow the instructions below!

Let’s get the booze flowing early, shall we?

Drink when CG King’s Landing, Winterfell, and The Wall are shown in the opening sequence.

And for every other location included in the intro other than those mentioned above (e.g. Meereen, Dorne, Pyke), drop and give us three push-ups.

When you see Queen Cersei holding a cup of wine or asking for a refill, chug. Then match her for every sip she takes.

Do the same when our favorite drinking buddy, the Dwarf of Lannister, comes on screen with liquor and starts downing them.

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When the Kingslayer starts talking about the things he does for his love of his twin, go for a plank and hold it until he's done.

But when Jaime decides to stick to his morals and stand up to Cersei, drop and do ten mountain climbers.

For every solo shot of Jon Snow’s somber, scowly face, do two burpees.

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Drink up whenever Sansa shows off how wise and cunning she’s become when it comes to politics and the minds of men.

When Arya starts getting stabby-stabby with the pointy end and slitting people’s throats, go for five burpees. Then take a shot for each person that falls by her hand.

Whenever someone echoes the words of House Stark or mentions that "Winter is here," warm up your soul with some ale.

Drink up for each piece of sound advice that Ser Davos the Onion Knight gives to Jon Snow.

Go for a toast when feisty little Lady Lyanna Mormont makes an appearance.

When Ghost slinks into the shot, chug in remembrance of the other poor direwolves we have lost.

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When the Night King—or any White Walker for that matter—comes on screen, drop and hold a plank until the scene is over.

Go for a nice long swig when we get an update on Samwell Tarly and Gilly.

And do 10 jumping jacks when the Hound shows his badass scarred face on your screen.

In honor of our bros in the friendzone, give up a toast for any news of the Khaleesi's' greyscale-afflicted loyal lover boy Ser Jorah Mormont.

Take a shot for each time you hear the word dracarys or for every fiery breath that the majestic dragons unleash.

And when Dany starts to give another monologue of sorts, hold a squat until she finishes talking.

If you’re still alive and kicking after all that, give yourself a big hand, bro. You’ve managed to get your TV fix without sacrificing your bro time, nor skipping your workout. Talk about multitasking like a pro!

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