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11 Awesome AF Moments From GoT’s 'Battle of the Bastards'

What are your favorite moments from the penultimate episode of this season's 'Game of Thrones'?
by Anton D. Umali | Jun 21, 2016
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(WARNING: Spoilers ahead. This is meant for people who have watched the episode already. Turn back now if you haven't or forever hold your peace.)

In true Game of Thrones tradition, the penultimate episode of season 6 was a gruesomely satisfying, albeit somewhat disturbing, experience that didn’t scrimp on the action, violence, and retribution. Aptly titled "Battle of the Bastards," Jon Snow and his ragtag army finally face the venomous Ramsay Bolton head-on in an effort to reclaim Winterfell.

Swords were drawn and lives were taken in what can only be described as one of television’s most insanely choreographed (and unapologetically claustrophobic) war sequences. GoT fans have never been treated to a bloodbath quite like this one, and honestly, the result was a solid hour of compelling television that has been setting the Internet ablaze with praise.


There was no shortage of WTF moments that had viewers jumping, screaming, and giddy with both excitement and dread. And if you haven’t decompressed yourselves and are still reeling from all the madness, you can relive the epic episode with these 11 awesome moments from GoT’s most memorable episode to date.

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1) When Dany ripped the Slavers new assholes

Episode 9 opens with Mereen still under attack from the Slavers’ ships. The Slavers want Daenerys and her squad to surrender. Dany—cool, calm, and collected Khaleesi that she is—simply whips out her secret weapon to shut these obnoxious dick-wads up: her dragons, all three of them.

2) Them dragons tho…

Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion finally get the ample screen time they deserve—and it’s for burning battleships to smithereens! Dracarys!

And the damned things used to be so cute (Okay, not really)

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3) Lyanna Mormont being one badass #girlboss

The best thing about the initial face-off between Jon Snow, Sansa, and Ramsay Bolton on the hills is Lyanna Mormont totally throwing shade towards the psychotic bastard. The young Lady of Bear Island holds her own with people twice her age. Call her cute and she’ll cut you.

4) R.I.P. Rickon Stark

Poor Rickon. Among the Stark siblings, his character was the least developed, which made his imminent demise all the more gut-wrenching (we barely knew you!). But what was more startling for Team Stark fans was why the fuck Rickon ran in a straight line when the bastard Ramsay Bolton started shooting arrows at him! Hard lesson learned: you should always go zigzag!

5) Jon Snow VS Cavalry Charge

After failing to save his younger brother from Bolton’s arrow of death, Jon Snow falls off his horse and gets up to a massive cavalry charging his way. Poor Jon Snow, it’s always just him against the world…

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6) That scary shield and spear trap

Jon Snow’s army seemed to be doomed when Bolton’s men employed a military tactic that trapped them like a bunch of wild animals. By encircling Snow’s battalion using shields and spears, the battlefield quickly devolved into a mountainous pile of corpses.

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7) Tormund goes Mike Tyson on Bolton’s commander!

Count on this courageous Wildling to use his teeth to get out of a sticky situation. By ripping the throat of his assailant, Tormund was able to crawl his way out of the human pit party of death! IT. WAS. SAVAGE.

8) Sansa and Little Finger to the rescue

Clichéd as it was, when all seemed lost, Sansa, together with Little Finger and an army of men from the Vale, come swooping down the valley to rescue her bastard brother. Suffice to say, this is one of Sansa’s more empowering moments in the whole history of the series.

We thought we'd never see the day when we'd get to call Sansa a badass

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9) Wun Wun gets shot in the eye! Ouch! 

With his army gone and nowhere to run, Ramsay Bolton escapes by hiding behind the walls of Winterfell. But Jon Snow has a gate-demolisher in the form of Wun Wun the giant, who sadly gets a fatal arrow to the eye after bashing through the walls of Winterfell. Definitely not a win-win for Wun Wun. Damn you, Ramsay Bolton!

10) May the best bastard win!

Audiences finally get the chance to live vicariously through Jon Snow as he beats the malevolent Ramsay Bolton’s face to a pulp. Felt. So. Good. 

11) Sansa kills Bolton—doggy-style!

In a poetic turn of events, Sansa Stark claims her redemption and victory over Ramsay Bolton at the end of the episode. The serial rapist/murderer is chained to a chair, his own starving hounds circling his bleeding body. “Your words will disappear. Your house will disappear. All memory of you will disappear,” she assures him, sealing his fate. And as the rabid dogs maul his face, Sansa watches intently before turning around, a sliver of a smile plastered on her pretty face. She might make a great Queen of the North, after all.

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Bye, Bolton!


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