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Game Of Thrones Season 7 Plot Threads We Want To See Resolved

Winter is here and yet there are still so many unanswered questions?
by Karen Mae De Vera | Aug 26, 2017
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As we race toward the season finale with the breakneck speed of Westerosi travel time (while we’re glad we no longer have to suffer through a lot of fillers, now it’s as if they’re teleporting out of nowhere). With the last episode of season 7 clocking in at almost 80 minutes, the “Dragon and the Wolf” is going to be the longest one yet. So, we’re hoping to find more questions answered next week.

1) Arya Vs. Sansa

They’ve never really liked each other in the past, but we thought that this season’s reunion would have these sister fire-forged at least. But with Arya raging, doubting, and downright threatening Sansa’s loyalty, the Stark assassin’s next move is highly unpredictable. Are they foolish enough to let Littlefinger drive a wedge between them? Are the sisters even at odds with each other or is it a ploy to get Baelish to put his guard down?

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2) Littlefinger’s long-game

He hasn’t been doing much manipulation and instead has opted to just sulk around in the shadows and smirk (plus, the occasional creepy uncle moves on Sansa) this season as compared to previous ones so we’re wondering if Petyr Baelish is getting a bit rusty in the game. Unless, his obvious gambit of getting the Stark sisters to fight hides another more sinister plot—like a plan-ception!

3) “Chaos is a ladder”

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More importantly, will the Stark kids ever find out the full details of Littlefinger’s betrayal of Ned? Could this mean his untimely death at the hands of one of them. 

4) There is another (Targaryen)

R + L = J has pretty much been confirmed thanks to a well-read Gilly. Too bad Sam plot-blocked us before we found out more about Prince Rhaegar’s secret marriage, but we know enough. This means Jon Snow could have a higher claim to the throne compared to Daenerys. Will they finally find out that they’re related once they get together? #TitaKita

5) The prince (or princess) who was promised

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Will we see Azor Ahai in action during the long winter? Based on the episode title, seems like we’ll see some epic Jon and Dany tag-team action (not that kind but who knows) at the very least.


6) Sam’s newfound knowledge and the fate of House Tarly


After being isolated from majority of the cast (save from Jorah) this season, Sam decided to pull a fuck-this-I’m-outta-here exit from the Citadel. He’s most likely headed to Winterfell with scrolls containing more info about the White Walkers and maybe even the Night King. Aside from dragonglass, is there something else that could help since the other side has a freaking dragon now. And when he finally arrives, we’re sure that he’ll hear the news of his father and brother’s death. Will Sam continue his house’s legacy? Will he get pissy at Jon for wanting to smash it with the lady who burned Randall and Dickon? 

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7) The Iron Throne

Winter is here and people are still squabbling over the throne. Will we ever find out who gets it once and for all? Does the fight over the crown go on until the final season of the series? Our time (and patience) is running out.

8) The extent of Bran’s powers

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If the newly appointed Three-eyed Raven would stop making his siblings uncomfortable with his sightings, he could actually be of some use. He’s already been a bit productive by telling everyone that the White Walkers are closing in. But he should probably give more info like the White Walker origin, Jon’s true origin, and so on. And we’re hoping to see Bran use his powers against the Night King. He could be the key to defeating them once and for all.

9) The Greyjoys

Is Yara still alive? What’s Euron (A.K.A. The rockstar of Westeros) been up to since his win? Will Theon seek vengeance for what his uncle did to their fleet? Maybe we’ve been so focused on the Iron Throne that we didn’t notice the brewing battle for the Salt Throne.

10) Gendry’s True Purpose


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We thought we’d finally get to see Gendry’s combat abilities last episode but instead, we witness his Olympic-winning marathon run in the opposite direction. 

11) Cersei Vs. Daenerys

These political rivals will meet at King’s Landing so will Cersei keep denying the inevitable? Will she go down with the throne and blow shit up sky high again just so Dany can’t have it? Will an unlikely team up happen to fight the long winter? Cersei has always been unpredictable and that's why she's a compelling villainess. 

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